Shark Whale has been presented in Museum of Natural History Islamabad

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 3:57pm by visitpak

In the capital city Islamabad of Pakistan we have few big museums as the attractions of visitors. Pakistan Museum of Natural history is one of them and is filled with the nature and natural history of the country. Few months back a shark whale came near to Karachi beach and caught by the local fishermen.

Later on Government took the charge of that mighty shark whale and brought it to the Islamabad city of Pakistan. It was handed over to the Pakistan museum of national history then to save its sculpture. After working day and night the workers successfully transformed it into the reserve form and presented it to their museum. Currently it is placed there and hundreds of visitors meet him on daily basis.

It is one of the special things which are placed in the Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad. It gives unique and different feelings to the tourists; they enjoy its presence in the Capital city of Pakistan. Without any doubt we could say that it is one of the best and special things of Islamabad.

In routine life one could not experience such type of huge animal in the open sea. Some fishermen spent their whole lives to get a giant like it but do not succeed. On the other hands the people who live so far from the sea could not even imagine about this type of big fish. It increased the interest of local peoples as well as the foreigners.

It truly was a huge creature of sea with the weight of 16 tonnes. This animal is worth watching thing in this Islamabad city along with other historical animals of this country. Skelton of an elephant, Chimpanzee and the blue whale are also very attractive along sculpture of Bloachi Thorium.

Reserves of many dead animals, Birds, fishes, and reptiles are present in the Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad. It is must visiting place in the Capital; we will bring more details for you soon.