Sarai Kharbuza on Feth Jang Road near Islamabad

Posted on Nov 10 2012 - 7:26am by visitpak

Sarai Kharbuza (Melon’s Inn) is standing near to the Capital of Pakistan from many centuries. It was another resting place for the travelers of Grand Trunk (GT) road. This grand road was built by the Mughals. There are hundreds of Inns (Sarais or resting places), which were built to facilitate the travelers and royal army. This one was another populated place of the Mughal Empire.

On the Grand Trunk (GT) road towards Peshawar, this place is just few kilometres away from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is situated on the old GT Road and not on the new national highway. In the 17th century when Jahangir was the ruler of Mughal Empire he visited this place for many occasions. Margalla is situated next to the Sarai Kharbuza. There is an informative traffic board right after the Railway crossing at Fateh Jang road. That board indicates the direction of the Sarai Kharbuza.

It is said that in 16th century the rulers made a place for rest in this area and made a dome on that building. The shape of that dome matches with the melon so it is called as Sarai Kharbuza or Melon’s Inn. It is said that the current name of Margalla was given to this place on the same time. These places were used to facilitate the caravans, travellers and army.

Like other Mughal’s fort and Sarais (Inns) this place had a Mosque, market, Hamam (public bath) and Baoli (well) in it. There was a big entrance place in this Inn so that travellers took their things and refuge with ease. It is another place which survived against the natural disasters but it is not in a very well condition. Its condition is becoming worst with every passing day.

It was a small public place which provided living place for the peoples who migrated from their houses. This place never got the status of national heritage so local community is demolishing it and using this place according to their needs. There is no one to restrict or stop them to do this act. One can visit this place without any restriction but there are many private residential areas nearby it.

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