Sangni Fort near Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Posted on Oct 23 2012 - 7:46am by visitpak

Another visiting place which needs the attention of the Government is strong fort of Sangni. It is still behind the eyes of many Pakistanis. Most of the peoples must not hear the name of Sangni fort. It is a construction of Mughal’s era and situated just 75 kilo meter away from the Islamabad. It was constructed in the Mughal Empire.

Some tribe member of Mughals built this for but later on Sikh community used it for them. The Mughal tribe so many forts in the subcontinent and there are a large number of them still exists perfectly. Local community lives in this place like the Pharwala fort and Rohtas fort. This place is now used by the local community for their needs and purposes. The tomb of Hazrat Abdul Hakim (a Sufi Saint) also exists in the premises of this fort. He lived nearby it and spent his whole life over there.

A beautiful Mosque is also there to tell you the glory of Muslims. It is one of the well preserved parts of this Sangni fort. This fort is the only structure on this hill and nothing could be found around it. It takes you way back into the past and provides you a great look of the surrounding areas. One could reach there by using a dirt road. The length of this dirt road is 25 kilo meter from the Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road) from Rawalpindi to Lahore.

This is such a nice place which requires the attention of Government and Travel and Tourism Corporation of Pakistan. They must take some steps to promote tourism in this area and make a solid road for the sake of visitors. Just few efforts from them could make this place a heaven for the visitors. This place is easily accessible from the Capital of Pakistan where allot of foreigners visit.

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