Sammi Daewoo Bus Service in Pakistan

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Sammi Daewoo Bus Service is the best transport service in Pakistan. The Headquarter of this service is situated in the great city of Lahore and its UAN number is 111-007-006. It is a luxurious mean of transport. It was actually a South Korean company who offered its buses in Pakistan for the different destinations. Later on Sammi took the charge of it. A huge number of buses were hired for this purpose. This company is offering the services from last 15 years throughout the country.

It is one of the biggest foreign investments in this country. Advanced workshops are the key features of this company. These workshops have a large number of professionals and technical staff who overhaul and maintain the vehicles. It was a great addition in the transport sector.

Sammi Daewoo Bus Service covers almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Latest terminals are fulfilling the requirements of the passengers. It is the only company in Pakistan who follows the rules of motor vehicle ordinance. They operate on the both routes of national highways and on the motorways. A city bus service is also available in the Lahore.

The buses are clean and the internal bus environment is also appreciable. It takes the passengers from terminal to terminal but on few small stops you are allowed to buy or get food, offer the prayers and use the washroom etc. Both the driver and the hostess or steward wear a proper uniform and serve you in the journey.


Just like the Pakistan International Airlines this company issues its own and unique magazine. Its name is “Hamari Manzilen” which means “our destinations” and it is published on the monthly basis. It is a very informative and interesting magazine.


The latest newspapers of different publisher were offered in the bus but currently only single publisher’s newspaper of Urdu and English versions are offered during the journey.

Sandwich box:

A sandwich box is also offered in the journey which includes a sandwich, small cake, biscuits etc.

Water and soft drinks:

If you feel thirst in the journey you may ask for the water by ringing the hostess’s bell. This bell will be right above your head on the seat. Different types of soft drinks are also provided in the bus.

Cargo service:

The company also offers the cargo service from terminal to terminal. It is a reliable and economical service for the citizens. In the big cities few collection points are available to facilitate the customers. It is fast and speedy service for the instant delivery. One can avail this service 24/7 for the booking and receiving. Safe and secure handling is guaranteed by the company. Currently Daewoo cargo liner service is introduced and brand new liners were added for a better operation. Satellite tracking system is installed in the liners. Big items could be send or receive through this offer. It is operating only in all big cities now days.

A message by the CEO:

In a message (quoted from the official website) by the CEO of the company Mr. Chang IL Kim said “My team is more enthusiastic about adopting every possible measure to make your journey secure, memorable, and comfortable, countrywide. Our tools in making this service successful are honest commitment to quality, integrity, responsibility, hard work and customer oriented strategies. No doubt the service has been a tremendous success and it is all due to your trust. Your trust is our real asset.

Keeping in mind our valuable customers’ needs we have launched some new routes between Lahore and Karachi. Our customers can expect and we assure the same traits of Daewoo Express Bus Service i.e. safety, punctuality, luxury and comfort, as always. The circumference of our bus service is widening and the vision of luxury and comfort is broadening for travellers all over Pakistan.

In the end I would extend my gratitude towards the Governments of Punjab and Sindh, to play a pivotal role in the expansion of bus service from one province to the other. We are determined to bring people closer.”

Important safety information from the company:

Your safety and comfort while travelling with, Daewoo Express Bus Service is the most important for us. Please take a few minutes to read this important safety information for pleasant and secure journey.

Throughout your journey a fully qualified hostess is on-board and if you require any information or assistance please do not hesitate to call her using the “call button”.

  1. Please fasten seats belts for your safety and remain seated while the bus is moving.
  2. Please keep the aisle clear of bags and other items. Light luggage can be placed in the over head racks provided. Please be careful while placing these items so that they do not fall.
  3. An emergency hammer and fire extinguisher are provided at the front and back of the bus for use in an emergency.
  4. For security reasons the curtains must remain open during the evening and night.
  5. For the comfort of all passengers smoking is not permitted on board any o our buses as per the Government policy.
  6. Please respect your fellow passengers; by not disturbing them when using a cell phone, setting the headphone volume too high or leaving headphone turned on when not in use. Please also be aware of the passengers behind you when reclining the seats.
  7. Your tickets and valuables are your responsibility. Please carry them with you at all times.

A company suggestion book is also available on the bus for your comments. Please ask the Hostess if required.

Customer Information from the Company:

We want you to travel in safety and comfort throughout your journey. So we have provided the following handy health tips to help you relax and to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go. Take advantage of any stopover points but please make sure you return to the bus within the time of period, as advised by the Hostess, to ensure we leave without any delay.

While you are seated you can also exercise. The following movements will help to keep your circulation moving and avoid stiffness.

  1. Bend and straighten your legs, feet and toes.
  2. Press the balls of your feet down hard against the floor.
  3. Perform regular upper body movement and breathing exercise to relax the back and shoulders.
  4. Make sure drink water regularly.
  5. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed for more than five minutes.

This information is for guidance only. If you have any medical or health concerns please talk to a doctor. Vomit bags are available, if required during the journey please let the Hostess know.

The fare of Daewoo Bus Service is little high as compare with the other services but the facilities and comfort has no comparison. The contact numbers are as under. All these are Universal access numbers and could be dialled with the city code.

For booking: 111-007-008

For Cargo: 111-007-009

Head office: 111-007-006

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