Saidpur a beautiful model village in the Islamabad

Posted on Sep 23 2012 - 7:58am by visitpak

saidpur village

It takes just a few minutes from the Supermarket of Islamabad to reach the “Saidpur”. It is very beautiful village of the Capital city of Pakistan. Recently it got the official status of tourist site from the Government. Islamabad was found in the late 60’s and it is the most modern city of the country. This traditional area of “Saidpur” village exists in that modern city. It is exploited by the citizens and few tourists.

The wall of this village was painted and few were reinvented. It has a couple of old buildings too which were restored to the current position. Cobble stones are used in the making of the pavement and it goes as the middle of its premises. Its landscape is full of flowers and other beautiful plants. Play grounds and the food are also available here for the visitors.

It is a commercial place too as the tourist trend is growing up in the Pakistan now days. Most of peoples want to relax in the natural atmosphere in the holidays. Under the feet of Margalla hills this historic village which offers you that environment. Predominant Hindu was living here at first. When both the countries got the freedom and separated from each other, most of the Hindu peoples migrated to their new country. A Temple of Hindu believer is left here to tell us the story.

This Temple shows a very good gesture of the local community that they did not delete it from the history. All the walls are painted for the visitor obviously but it is not the only symbol of its attraction, there are many more. A 3 domes building complex is situated near by this Temple. A double story building is next to it where Hindu orphanage used to live in. This building is converted into a school and a museum was built in the first building where you can find the history of this village. Its past and present pictures are available in this museum. A picture story is there about the transformation of it. Nearly one million inhabitants live in this area and most of the peoples are cultivating the crops and vegetables.

The Saidpur Museum opens at early morning and movements begin in it. Its timings are 0800 to the sunset at evening. A number of local and foreigners visit it every day. All the range of visitors does come here on the regular basis. It also increases the economic activities of the local villagers. At the weekends the movements of peoples increase as compare to the other working days.

How to reach at Saidpur:

You need to use the Margalla avenue road and just after a five minutes drive you will be there. Other guldens could be taken from this map. As we told earlier this village was restored in near past its inauguration was made a few year ago. Its theme was to start few craft shops, food streets and other attractive activities for the visitors. Everything is going perfectly under that plan.

map of saidpur

Still there are some controversies between the CDA manager and the architecture of the area. CDA is getting a huge income from there while architecture does not happy with the efforts of CDA for a natural environment. According to him CDA is destroying the historical values of the area and they are giving attention to the non related issues.

Margalla hills are a beauty of nature and there is easy transport access to this beauty. We could match this area with many international places like Greece etc. This is a very peaceful picnic point where memories of old age exist to explore.

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