Rooh Afza, a famous soft drink in Pakistan

Posted on Oct 8 2012 - 3:08pm by visitpak

Rooh Afza is the most famous soft drink in the Pakistan. It is so famous that some peoples do believe that it is our national drink. It will be not a wrong statement if we say that it is the traditional soft drink of the country. It is a very light drink (Sherbat) with the rose’s essence and flower’s extracts. Lilies, Lotus Blossom, orange, melons, coriander, raising, carrot and lemon are used in the making of Rooh Afza. The logo on the bottle of it, you could see all these fruits and flowers.

Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed was the founder of its formula and since the year 1948 it is available from the channel of Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan. He was also the founder of Hamdard Laboratories.

It is in the production house since the year 1906 and now it is above 105 years for its production. Almost all generations are familiar with its taste. It is a favourite soft drink of the summer season and Ramadan also increases its usage. It is also very famous Sherbat on the souls of India and peoples over there also love its standards. It is a medically proven liquid which is better for the health. It is also used in the preparation of different sweet dishes. It is also used in the lassi, ice cream, falooda and in few other recipes.

Rooh Afza does not contain any type of soda in it that is the reason it is so light. It truly is soul nutrition as the name. It could be prepared with the help of simple water or milk. Few types of noodles could also be added in it for taste. In the summer season it is served to the visitors, it fights against the heat strokes and refresh your body and soul.

Its red color also attracts you at first glance so whenever you visit Pakistan take a glass of Roof Afza. It is doing very good business in the Pakistan and India. We watch the commercial of it on the TV channels as well. The popularity graph of this soft drink is rising up. Last but not the least is the price, throughout the history and now its producers are offering it on a very reasonable price. The Best thing about it is the reasonable price with the rich taste.

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