Rajanpur District and the Daewoo Express Terminal of Rajanpur

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Rajanpur (راجن پور) is located in the extreme southwest part (entirely west of the Indus River) of Punjab, Pakistan. It is bounded on the north and west by Dera Ghazi khan (ڈھیرہ غازی خان), to the east by Muzaffargarh (مظفر گڑھ) and Rahim Yar Khan (رحیم یار خان) and to the south by Jacobabad (جیکب آباد). The Sulaiman Mountains rise to the west of the district.

Rajanpur is business center with numerous industries particularly cotton production and processing, flour mills, sugar mills, oil mills, ginning, pottery, handicrafts and embroidery.

Residents of Rajanpur District speak a great variety of Punjabi dialects, although a few of these dialects are called as separate language like “Saraiki” (سرائیکی), but because of good and loving nature of people there is no distinction or hate among different dialects and have a mix culture of Great (North and South) Punjab.

Attraction of Rajanpur:

Mithan Kot (مٹھن کوٹ)

Fazil Pur (فضل پور)

 Harand Fort


Ada Chirag Shah (ادا چراغ شاہ)

Famous personalities of Rajanpur:

Khawaja Ghulam Fareed (خواجہ غلام فرید)

Chishti Nizami (چشتی نظامی)

Bashir Ahmed Sarki (بشر احمد سرکی)

Daewoo Express Service in Rajanpur:

Daewoo Express Service was launched in Rajanpur on 1st of April, 2013; indeed another milestone for the company. This provides a trustworthy service to the people of Rajanpur and also wires them with various business opportunities.

Daewoo Express Rajanpur Terminal:

The terminal is recognises as a sub-terminal of Dera Ghazi Khan, located at Admore petrol pump, near railway crossing, main Indus highway, covering an area of 800 sq ft. It offers all the same facilities as a main terminal for the convenience of passenger including:

Telephonic and ticketing reservations

Spacious parking area with easy entrance and exit facilities

Cargo booking and delivery

Passenger lounge offering a pleasant and comfortable environment

Prayer area telephone booth

Tuck shop serving all types of snacks and drinking at reasonable prices

Cargo Service:

Daewoo’s cargo service in Rajanpur makes a valuable contribution in supporting the business opportunities and meeting social needs, by providing a trustworthy and efficient delivery service to all major cities of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakthtunkhwa.

Daewoo Bus Service routine operations:

The following destinations are all available to / from Rajanpur for your convenience:

Sr. No.

Destinations Travel-Time (HH:MM)

Distance KM


Sukkur 04:55



Moro 07:45 416
3 Hyderabad 10:30



Karachi 12:40 783
5 Multan 03:35



Rawalpindi 11:35 680
7 Sahiwal 06:20



Lahore 09:05 541
9 Peshawar 11:05



This kind of subscription incurable is accessible by way of:

Community Lorries

Vehicle Rickshaw

Hire a car

Address as well as Get in touch with associated with Daewoo Rajanpur:

Admore Petrol Pump, Near Railway Crossing, Main Indus Highway.

Contact: 0334-4111817

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