Raiwind the Markaz of Tablighi Jamaat

Posted on Oct 8 2012 - 1:55pm by visitpak

Thirty kilometers away from the historical city of Lahore a town is situated which is known as the “Raiwind”. The main reason for the popularity of this town is the great Islamic centralization. This centralization or Ijtima held on the annually basis and after Hajj the largest number of peoples come here from around the world.

This place is performing as a headquarter duty for the “Tableeghi Jamaat” an Islamic organization to preach the Islam. This organization sends the peoples throughout the world to give the message of their religion. They are going with that specific mission and all age and every occupation of peoples are always welcome in this organization. To work with them one should have the devotion and time it could take your few days or many months. In a mission you also need to meet your expenses by yourself. Organization does not have enough funds to provide you for the accommodation or food. Normally these preachers live in the Mosques and Schools etc.

The history tells us that one upon a time the PM of India Mr. Pundit Nehru sent few secret agents to take a look on the activities of this Tablighi Jamaat and report him. They thoroughly checked the programmes and activities of this organization and cleared them from any terrorist activities. In the report they told to PM that these peoples only talk about the grave or heavens and have no concern with this life. They prepare the people to achieve a better position in the heavens and ask the peoples to do well here and get good there. If someone will not do good things in this earth then he will be not good there.

All type and category of peoples do participate in the convention. You could find from a student to the merchants or the shoemakers. All classes of peoples do participate in it with a very positive mind. They all sleep on the mats in this camp. After this convention the missions are sent to the different part of the country and outside of the country to do the religious activities. Most of the Mosques offer them to visit there area. It is a well reputed organization in the Pakistan. Different means of transport are used to reach in this annual meeting.

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