Presenting you the 5th most Beautiful Flag in the World

Posted on Aug 11 2016 - 9:50am by visitpak

Congratulations to the entire citizen of Pakistan for achieving an international ranking of 5th position. Yes a recent study and survey of “toptenfindings” announced a reported that Pakistani Flag stands on the 5th position for its beauty and structure. This survey was held throughout the world and got the votes from around the world. At the end the website reported that Pakistani flag is on the 5th position in list of most beautiful countries flag.

The National Flag of Pakistan is a sign of pride blissful delight and sovereignty for all Pakistanis. 14th August 1947 was our independence day and every year we recall this day and celebrate it from the depth of our hearts. Each and every citizen of Pakistan old or young feels proud and tries to celebrate it in their ways. Children play a front man role in all these celebrations and try hard to decorate their home and streets.

5th most beautiful flag
freedom boat rally in Kashmir

On the other hands we have lack of knowledge and information about the dignity and respect of our national flag. My question to all of you is that do we give respect to our national pride? Every teacher in our school, parents and guardian should educate their young ones to respect our national flag. For example we should not let it on the ground and we should bring it down in the rains and storms. We should also bring it down right before the Maghreb prayers so that it will not stay there at night. If you want to flatter it on the night as well then you must do some lighting arrangement for it.

List of Most Beautiful Flag

Behind all the emotions, patriotism is to hoist, waving flags and decorating the walls and buildings with the flag are not enough. We should pay special intention to protect our national flag from bad and harsh weather and so at the night time. May Allah Almighty protect our sweet land Pakistan till the day of judgments, love live Pakistan.

The flattering flag