Pir Sohawa another lovely place in the Islamabad

Posted on Sep 26 2012 - 7:48am by visitpak

The Capital city of Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful places around it and “Pir Sohawa” is one of them. In a very short time of 45 minutes you can access to this beautiful area of Islamabad. It is 900 meters above from the city and situated at the Margalla hills. Like the Daman-e-Koh, it also provides you a lovely view of the city. It has many food stalls including a big Monal Hotel and restaurant. “Monal” is the name of local village situated near by these hills. Geographically this area belongs to the district Hari Pur. This place offers spectacular surroundings.

This place is very famous for the private function and parities and wedding ceremonies are top of them. It takes a very short time of you to reach over there. From the centre of the city you can reach there within few minutes and it is situated near to the G-7 sector and zoo. To reach over there you need to use your own mean of transport because there is no local route for the public service vehicles. This thing is very unfortunate for the tourist though and Government should issue a route permit for “Pir Sohawa”.

It is cool place and best in the summer. It has a lot of greenery around it which offers you fresh air and escapes the heat. Sometimes in the winter snow fall glow its beauty. It offers you a complete view of the Islamabad from a specific point. Its one part is maintained properly but you are directed to do not visit the other part of it alone. If you love hiking then this could be your dreamland. This place is surrounded by a big forest and there is a risk of wild animals. So never take a risk and take the necessary measures first if you want to explore it all.

“Pir Sohawa” is appreciated by the visitors and they match it with the Alpine paradise. Its spectacular views attract the attention of visitor who really admires it.

Pakistan army is also deployed in this area for safety purpose and stoppage of illegal activities. It is a peaceful and calm place to enjoy. Do not be shock if you watch the barrels or other military stuff in the area. It is also a security point for the Islamabad.

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