Pharwala Fort in Tehsil Kalar Syedan, District Rawalpindi

Posted on Oct 21 2012 - 7:11pm by visitpak

Very near from the Capital city of Pakistan and Rawalpindi this is the Pharwala Fort. Lehtrar road will lead you towards this amazing place which is unknown for many peoples. It is situated just 40 kilo meters away from the Capital and Rawalpindi in the Tehsil Kalar Syedan. It was the capital of the Gakhar’s state. Most of the Pakistanis are not even familiar with the name of Pharwala Fort.

Although it covers a short area but it is an amazing place to visit. A small village is situated nearby this fort just like the society live in the Rohtas fort. It is situated a little far and up on the hills so no conveyance is available to approach there. The only source to reach over there is by foot. It could take your one hour to get on the top. The walking journey is also a different experience; the natural scenes go with you while walking. Few species of snakes could be found there so be well prepared before you approach there.

The history shows the Pharwala fort as the Head Quarter of the Gakhars who ruled over the Potohar region. Back in the year 1519 this fort was conquered by a Mughal King Babar. Right after he also gave its charge back to the Gakhars. Mughal King Babar decided to raise its wall up to 10 meters as he was not satisfied with its condition.

In the first war between the Gakhars and Mughals the Gakhars won the battle but in the second attack Mughal succeeded and took the charge of it. Whole community migrated to the north but after the settlements they became the best allies of the Mughal Empires. Before this many warriors fought for this place but none of them got the success. It is also known as the friend ship symbol of those communities.

Owners of the Pharwala fort were impressed with the dealing and status of Mughals to this tribe stayed on their sides as their well wisher.

It is an old but strong structure who faced a lot of slaps from the nature. That is the reason the condition of fort is very terrible. The Government must take charge of it and make some efforts to save this national heritage of Pakistan. In the same way Government should encourage the tourists and provide them the facilities. A solid path or road is also required for the easy approach.

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