Pakistan Monument Museum Shakar Parian Islamabad

Posted on Oct 1 2012 - 9:16am by visitpak

The Pakistan monument was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf in the year 2004. It took 4 years for  completion and completed in the year 2007. A perfect place was chosen for its construction and it was built on the top side of the City. The hills of Shakar Parian got the honour to hold this monument. The shape of this sculpture relates with 4 petals which are opening up. It is a great sight and marvellous gift to the citizen by the Government of that time. It is situated near to the Blue area and Parliament house of the Capital.

4 petals stand for the 4 provinces of Pakistan which are standing united and together. All petals are protecting the crescent and star which represent the whole Pakistan. So it is a symbol of progress and the unity of the nation.

The other essential part of this structure is the Pakistan Monument Museum. It was the most focusing part of this plan. It includes the history of the country with the heritage, traditions and future plans. Different time periods of the Pakistan was shown in this museum with the help of many sculptures. All these things take you the past and you feel like existing in that age and everything is happening in front of you.

After the completion of this project this fact was found that these sculptures are of low standard and do not meet the standards then this project was given to the Lok Virsa team. Under the supervision of Mr. Kamran Javed the team of Lok Virsa completed this task so fast.

When you enter in this museum you can clearly see that it is divided into different parts. You can find the history of Pakistan in one part while future on the other part. The sculptures of Muslim heroes and the freedom fighters are available here. The personal room of Iqbal and Quaid are also present. A library is also present to facilitate the visitors with the old time videos.

Fatimah Jinnah also contributed a major role in the fight of freedom. Here you can find her with the Quaid-e-Azam on different occasions. This all was arranged to educate the youth and youngsters about our history and culture. Without any doubt this one was a grand project which was completed perfectly.

Gandhara Art, Buddha statue, Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznavi, war of freedom, Gandhi, Tilak, Gokhale, Chandra Pal, Dadabhai Naoraji and few more great leaders and places are presented here through the sculptures. Maps of Pakistan are also fixed here for the visitors. Different topics related to the Pakistan are discussed in the audio and video section. Old music and old pictures of singers are also a part of those videos.

So this one is a must visiting and fabulous place whenever you get chance to visit this point and learn the history and geography of Pakistan.

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