Nawaz Sharif Park, Murree Road, Rawalpindi

Posted on Oct 14 2012 - 6:31am by visitpak

The city of Rawalpindi has just six green parks which are Roomy Park, Race course, Ayoub Park, Jinnah Park, Liaqat Bagh and the Nawaz Sharif Park. Today we are going to explore the Nawaz Sharif park of Rawalpindi. A positive feature of the cities in the Pakistan is the existence of parks in them. They play an important role in the fitness and healthy life of the citizens.

Come back to the topic now this park was donated by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif to the citizens of Rawalpindi. After his Government its name went into controversies and was changed by the next Government but peoples still call and remember it as the same above mentioned name.

It is situated on the main Murree road (Benezir Bhuto road) and near to the double road square. It covers a huge area and contains 2 big gates for the entrance of general public. Arid Agricultural (Barani) University, Food Street, Rawalpindi Arts Council and Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium are situated right in front of its boundaries. It also has a large parking area for motor cycles and other vehicles at the gate number 1 of Murree road. Gate number 2 is situated on the double road and normally families use it for entrance and exit. On every Sunday a bazaar or market is also established at the front of gate number 1. You could purchase all your necessary home items, vegetables and fruits from that market.

It is surrounded by a powerful iron fence and divided into different parts. It has well established pavements for the pedestrian, seating facility is also there with a play land for the children. The entry is not free like the Fatimah Jinnah Park of Islamabad but the charges are very economical and cheap. It is good place for the families and specially the children. It becomes a crowded place at the time of sun sets in the summer. On Eid’s occasion or on other national holiday a large number of peoples do visit over here. It provides you a clean and green environment in a congested city of Rawalpindi.

If you want to reach there by public transport then vans of route number “1” is the only source of it. Whether you are coming from the Islamabad or from the Rawalpindi you need to use this route to approach for there. Rakhsha are taxi could be the alternate to it.

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