National Anthem of Pakistan in English and National Flower

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The verses of the national anthem were written by a Pakistan poet, Abul Asar Hafeez Jullundhar. The tune was composed by Ahmed G. Chagla.

The national anthem of Pakistan in English

National Anthem of Pakistan in English:

  • Blessed be the sacred Land
  • Happy be the bounteous realm
  • Symbol of high resolve
  • Land of Pakistan
  • Blessed be thou citadel of faith.

  • The Order of this sacred land
  • As the might of the brotherhood of the people
  • May the nation, the country, and the State
  • Shine in glory everlasting
  • Blessed be the goal of our ambition.

  • This flag of the Crescent and Star
  • Leads the way to progress and perfection
  • Interpreter of our past glory, of our present,
  • Inspiration of our future,
  • Symbol of Almighty’s protection.

National flower of Pakistan:

the national flower of Pakistan

Jasmine was adopted as the floral symbol of Pakistan in 1954. Common to all parts of the country the flower can be found adorning housed in villages as well as growing elegant gardens in the cities.

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