Murree Snowfall 2014 and driving tips for snowy season and winter

Posted on Dec 21 2013 - 8:16am by visitpak

Heavy snowfall is predicted on the Murree hills in this season 2014. Peoples from across the country and international tourists try to reach here to enjoy this winter season. Murree got another heavy snowfall recently and tourists turned their vehicles and attentions towards it.

You need to take special care if you are visiting Murree hills for the first time in snowfall 2014. Currently Education wing of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi has published a traffic plan for the snowfall 2014 under the supervision of Chief Traffic Police Rawalpindi, Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah, duty officers of Murree Mr. Tariq Mehmood Khan along Mr. Tariq Javed Khan.

You are request to get its copy from Rawalpindi or Murree office or simply download that snowfall 2014 traffic plan from our website. We are here to give you a brief on that traffic plan to understand it. You must apply it on the roads of Murree hills so that you could fulfil the purpose of that plan.

This traffic plan of snowfall 2014 is specially prepared for your safety and allot of efforts were involve in it to secure your lives and to save your properties etc.

The murree snowfall traffic plan

Yellow Roads:

In this map you could watch the yellow roads, which means that those are one way roads and two ways traffic is not allowed on it. These are congested places of Murree hills so to maintain the flow of traffic it is necessary to keep them for one way traffic.

You should follow the one way rules on those roads otherwise you may get some penalty for violating those rules.

Light Grey Roads:

These roads are good enough for two ways traffic but you need to take special care while overtaking some other vehicles. While overtaking you may not have some extra space there or a vehicle from the opposite side could approach you, so make it clear before overtaking that it is quite all right for it.

You must not overtake some other vehicle in turns and sharp turns and try to travel under natural lights.

How to drive in snowfall 2014:

In case you are travelling in snowfall then you need special care. It is better to avoid driving if your are new to this snowfall 2014 but if it is necessary then keep in mind the below mentioned tips:

  • Always trust on God
  • Do not go out until it is necessary
  • Your vehicle must be prepared for snowy conditions
  • Increase your margin and distance from the front vehicle
  • Use your breaks with ease to avoid skidding
  • Turn on your emergency lights and other lights as well
  • Try to put a metal’s chain on one of your tyre
  • Put your auto driver off in snow conditions
  • Use water on your wind screen if it’s freezing temperature outside
  • Use small gears for better pick
  • Avoid overtake snow removing vehicles
  • Does not trust on your vehicles at all try to keep it under your control?
  • If you back wheels are sliding right or left then your steer in the same directions
  • Keep pumping your breaks if it’s necessary
  • Turn your wheels right to left and left to right to make some grip on the road in snow
  • Watch and learn from the moves of other drivers
  • Always drive on petrol or diesel avoid CNG
  • Keep low pressure of air in front tyres
  • Keep few bags of salt with you (spread it under your tyres if tyres are slipping in snow)
  • Wait for the forest department to remove that snow on the roads
  • Wait for the forest department to spread the natural salt on the snow
  • Do not switch your engine off
  • If it’s necessary then try to push your vehicles with manpower

So we hope that all of the above snowfall 2014 tips will help you in future. You should keep all of them in your mind and should apply them on the roads in winter. Have a safe journey and enjoy your snowfall 2014 season in Murree.