Murree snowfall 2012 pictures and tips for drivers

Posted on Dec 16 2012 - 7:54am by visitpak

The snowfall is continuing in the Malka e Kohsar Murree and surrounding area even in the third day. This was the first ever snowfall of winter season 2012. It was started on the 14th of December 2012. Two to two and half feet snowfall has been recorded yet in this city. The temperature has been fall down to the -5 degree C.

The administration of this city has banned the entrance of CNG vehicles and heavy transport vehicles. Due to weekend thousands of visitors tried to reach in the Malka e Kohsar Murree to watch the Snowfall 2012. Highway department is working very hard to remove the snow from the roads. In the Snowfall they spread a typical type of chemical and salt on the snow so that it melts fast. There is a huge traffic problem in the city because most of the drivers are outsiders and could not handle the vehicles in the snow.

Mall road of Murree is still covered with the snow and Highway department did not remove the snow from it. There is a huge rush of public on the Mall road and most of the hotels get crowded. The rates or rent of hotels are also raised up. Communication problems were also occurred due to this Murree snowfall 2012.

Most of the roads are blocked from Nathiya Gali. During this season all types of vehicle are not allowed to use the Mall road. Visitors seem busy in making the Murree snowfall 2012 pictures. The visitors must get prepared before reaching this city. The Misyari turn from Express way is also blocked for few days.

Useful tips for the Drivers:

  • The drivers are requested to full their fuel tanks before coming to the Murree.
  • Keep low pressure air in the front tyres.
  • Chains could also be used in one or couple of tyres to avoid the slipping problem.
  • Drivers could bring some type of salt with them so that they use it under the tyres in the case of slipping.
  • Make sure that you are not using the CNG fuel because it could create some trouble for you or other drivers.
  • Be aware of fog and use the fog lights when it is necessary.

This snowfall will continue in next few months till the month of February 2013. Under we will share the beautiful Murree snowfall 2012 pictures. We hope that you will like these Murree snowfall 2012 pictures.

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