Murree and Shimla, Famous British Hill Stations

Posted on Dec 1 2012 - 7:36am by visitpak

Murree was Meri once and it is 40 kilometers away from the Capital city Islamabad. The Capital city of Pakistan is situated on the land of great Himalayas. British built many places for the summer vacation on the mountains during the British Empire. North side of subcontinent was their favorite one.

They call them as the “Hill Stations” because they are situated on the mountains. British built those areas according to the British environment. They built clubs, gold courses, chalets and churches on those hill stations. These places match with the temperature of Europeans because on the lands of subcontinent the temperature could boast more than 50 degrees C. On the other hands these mountains drops the temperature sharply and one may need the warm clothes and other stuff.

There are more than 50 places which were established by the British rulers for the summer vacations in the subcontinent. Shimla (Simla) is one of the most famous British Hill Station while the Murree is next one. A British Viceroy had a mini palace in the Shimla (Simla) of India territory. Both these places are best preserved British memories after the separation.


It is the Queen of mountains (Malika-e-Kohsar) which is just 40 Kilo meters away from Islamabad (Capital). It is also known as the small Switzerland due to Alpine landscape and it exists on a short distance to the most important city of Pakistan.

It provides you the View of great Himalayan series with high cliffs. Snow covers all that area in the winter season so visitors are requested to be aware of the surrounding areas. Oxygen issue may rise during this season for few weeks. Murree is a summer resort now days which is used by the elite class of Pakistan. It is a place with high prices, rent and fair, an average man may not afford it. On the other hand its local population is rising up which consists many ethnic groups. Pashtuns could also be finding here like the other hill stations of the country.

In this post you will find the new and old pictures of Murree. Many pictures relates with the British age. Murree Brewery is very famous among them which were used to supply beer to the British. It is still in the working condition and providing non-alcoholic products to the citizens. Few old building got damages and replaced with the new one. Jihka Gali, Holy Trinity Church, Nutwood House (Headquarter), General Post Office, the Mall and Lawrence College and School (Sir Henry Lawrence) are few famous structures of the British rulers in Murree.

Few buildings of British Empire do not exist today and few of them are preserved. The Elite class of Pakistan built many hotels, restaurant and apartments in this area. On the other hand the local community is spending just an ordinary life.

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