Mela festival in Pakistan and India

Posted on Oct 25 2012 - 6:43am by visitpak

Mela is an annual function in the subcontinent. The meaning of Mela is “festival”. It is a festival which held for once in each year. Its trend was started in the Mughal Empire when Auranzeb Alamgir was the ruler of India. Later on it continued in the British era and still we can find it around the villages and cities of Indo-Pak.

It is celebrated in both villages and cities the methods could differ from each other. Many other nation of the world also celebrates few festivals on the annual basis. Same thing happened in the Pakistan but in a different way. In Pakistan it is a colourful event which started rights after the cutting of wheat’s crop. Summer is the specific season for these kinds of festivals. 3 to ten days is the total age of this fair.

Back in the village it is a specific place where families come more often and enjoy the environment. Everybody is allowed to visit in that event as it comes once in the whole year. It is a fabulous place for recreation. You can buy, watch and swing over there. Everyone is welcomed over there and peoples approach this place from near and far. One can enjoy many activities there. A small zoo also could be the part of that event.

After allot of hard work in the wheat crops the formers get tired so these festival gives them the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Peoples attend this place in a large numbers and groups. It also held on most Shrines of the Subcontinent and named on some Sufi Saint or some village name. It is a type of carnival which is a place of rejoicing. In Pakistan the well of death (Mout ka Kouan) is the most famous features of that event. In the well of death the bike rider and car driver circulates their bike and vehicle on regular basis. It is a never forgettable and daring moments for someone. She males also perform the dance in it.

Wild animals from elephants to lions and deer to snakes could be found here. Firework with the quality music could be some other attractions of it. In past we have got an Indian movie which was named as “Mela”, in this movie the village life was presented to the viewers. Aamir Khan, Twinkle Khana and Faisal Khan was the key stars of that movie and it was directed by Mr. Dharmesh Darshan.

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