Malka e Kohsar Murree snowfall 2013 and the visitors

Posted on Jan 1 2013 - 8:03am by visitpak

Huge numbers of peoples moved towards Malka e Kohsar Murree as the New Year 2013 arrived. It seems like a huge wave of visitors to this territory. These peoples came here to welcome the New Year 2013 and enjoyed the Murree snowfall 2013. The beautiful scenes of this valley and Galiyat are attracting the visitors towards them.

Due to huge crowd there are big lines of traffic vehicles on the roads. The Glamour of this city has reached to its peak. Hotels, Government official rest houses and other rest houses are almost full with visitors. On the other hands the Traffic staff of Malka e Kohsar Murree (Traffic wardens) is working very hard to maintain the flow of traffic. 2 days earlier snowfall changed the atmosphere of the area.

Now a day the winter season is on its peak and the whole environment is very cold. On the other hands the winter and waves could not disturbed the will of the visitors who came here to enjoy the Murree snowfall 2013. So they reached here to celebrate the New Year night. Mall road is the focusing point of the visitors along the Kashmir point, Pindi point, Bagh-e-Shaheedan, Bhurban, Nathiya Gali and Patheriyata. Chair lift of new Murree, Patheriyata is also attracting the visitors of this area.

Peoples gathered on the Mall road right after the evening to say good bye 2012 and welcome New Year. It was the celebration environment on the mall road last night. The executive police of the city also prepared them self to meet any unusual things. Peoples remained busy with horse riding and snaps.

Drivers are directed by the traffic police that they must have enough fuel before coming to this city. The reason is the shortage of fuel in this area, which could disturb the travellers. So take all necessity action before you go to this crowded place. More and more visitors are coming for the Murree snowfall 2013.

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