Makli Graveyard images along video with History

Posted on Sep 2 2016 - 9:30am by visitpak

While coming back from Halchi Lake you may witness one of the biggest graveyards near the Thatta Sindh. This is Makli graveyard (Makli Qabristan) which lies on top side of the area. Makli graveyard (Makli Qabristan) covers an area of around 8 kilometers and having lacs of graves in it. More than 120,000 Kings, Queens, Generals, Philosophers, Sufis, Saints and teachers are resting in the graves over here.

The specialty of these graves is their specific designs and embroidery work. It truly shows the trends and culture of old time. Each and every grave design seems to be a masterpiece of art. One can call those graves a masterpiece of Turk, Iranian and Indian culture. Many shrines are also present in the Makli Graveyard (Makli Qabristan). The structure of those shrines, monument and tombs are truly strong and unique of its kind. Genuine materials were used in their making so that they are still stable and bearing all the hard weather conditions including storms, earthquake and rains etc. The Verses of Holly Quran are also written on their walls in the shape of beautiful calligraphy. One shrine and tomb over there may include 180,000 hard tiles in its making. Each tomb, shrine or monument has different design and structure from others.

The Makli Graveyard (Makli Qabristan) is 101 kilometer away from the biggest city of Pakistan Karachi. According to the local person there is a grave of Mai Makli (a woman saint) in this graveyard. Because of Mai Makli this graveyard is known as the Makli graveyard. Its history of this graveyard is spread around 450 years ago.

Government of Pakistan has declared the Makli Graveyard (Makli Qabristan) as the national heritage so it is protected under the Antique Act 1975. Under this act no one can destroy and damage this national heritage. If someone do so, than he can be charged 3 years in prison and fine amount of Rupees 500,000.

A Road to Makli Graveyard