Local hotels, restaurants, tea and coffee shops of Islamabad

Posted on Sep 25 2012 - 5:31am by visitpak

Today we are going to visit the local restaurants and coffee shops of the Capital city Islamabad. These places are very rare and you could only find places like these in the Sub-continent. Normally these local hotels or coffee shops are name as local trends. Tea is the local choice here while coffee is not preferred by the local community and known as the European choice.

coffee shops in isb

Few famous things which could be finding in every hotel in Pakistan are the “Roti” (bread), “Daal” (stew of lentils), “Lassi” (water mixed in the yogurt) and the salad. “Salad” includes the onion, tomato and leaves of Salad etc. Here you can find a pure eastern food. The visitors are instructed to choose the food of their own choice because they might not digest some fast food cooked in eastern style.

Cooking department is directly related to the women in the houses of Pakistan. In the case of hotels, tea and coffee shops there are males who perform this duty. Because it is an Islamic state all the hotels, tea and coffee shops take care for the privacy of ladies and provide them special table which are covered with the curtains. Families sit at there and enjoy their meals. Similarly few big restaurants and hotels have separate family halls to facilitate the families.

Do not be surprise if a stranger sits at the same table of yours. In local hotels peoples normally sit beside you and share your table. If you are individual on a table then do not mind if someone comes and sits beside you. Meal is also a meeting place for the friends and families in Pakistan. Especially in the villages, your relatives come and join you and talk on the current issue.

In the local restaurants and hotels you may not find the cleanness standard. Flies could be found on some place. It is due to lake of interest by the concerning authorities.

Whenever you sit on a table a metal jug with the glass are presented to you as the courtesy from the management. Afterwards the order is taken by the waiter and serves you the things of your choice. Alcohol is prohibited in Pakistan and no one could sale it openly special license has been given to the specific persons and restaurants. Soft drinks and mineral water is available though and you could demand for it anywhere in the country.

If you are a visitor then you can use the alcoholic things in your premises but not openly. You may charge for violating this act if you failed to do so.

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