Lahore Museum on Mall Road Lahore

Posted on Nov 4 2012 - 5:36am by visitpak

To keep oneself aware of one’s past history, one must visit national museum. Lahore museum is such a place that has a large collection of objects of historical value. This museum is situated on the Mall. It was established in the year 1864 and it is right in front of Punjab University. Sir Ganga Ram was the architect of this amazing structure. It is a very large museum of Pakistan. Different items of Mughals, Sikhs and British era are presents in the Lahore Museum. In the year 2004 Japanese Government provided some technical support for its betterment.

 It has an old but grand building with a high ceiling. The in charge of the museum is called curator. The museum is divided into different sections. In each section huge glass cases have been placed. In these glass cases different kinds of things such as swords, daggers, coins, garments, bows and arrows and jewellery used by our forefathers are displayed. The visitors can read brief description of each item on the tag attached to it. In a separate section paintings, pictures and clay models that peoples of centuries ago had made are also displayed. Similarly masterpieces of woodwork including large doors and frames windows with old fittings are also places.

There are also a number of old and rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran in one room. Statues of different spiritual and religious leaders such as Buddha and Kings and political figures have also been places in the Lahore museum. All these things throw light on the ways of living, customs, traditions, rites and rituals of the people of the past unaware of the tensions and miseries of the so called modern, civilized age.

It is another famous place in the city of Lahore. Families and foreigners seem more interest to visit this place. Children also get excited when they saw these historical items. There are very nominal charges as its entry fees so whenever you get the chance visit this exciting place.

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