Khewra Salt Range to PDK, Jalalpur, Jhelum, Nandana and Chillian Wala

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Through Khewra Salt Range, anyone travelling southerly, through Pind Dadan Khan (پنڈ دادن خان), for you to Nandana (نندنا), there’s any path distance ahead of Pind Dadan Khan, for you to Jalalpur (جلال پور) in addition to Jhelum (جہلم). Turn on to this in addition to soon after 19 kms (11 miles), take the trail to the north, through Rawal, for you to Gharibwal at the foot in the Khewra Salt Range.

Should you submit on the Khewra Salt Range, soon after any train crossing, combined an ill-defined 4WD track, you can arrived at Baghanwala (باغاں والا) where, next to the lake mattress, endure the wrecks of an Mughal checkpoint, the Shahi Darwaza (شاہی دروازہ) (King’s door).

It absolutely was here that you royal dance girl walked a tightrope through the gorge. But when she was in the centre the king cut the rope so when she fell, the young lady laid a curse with all future generation exactly who lived there.

Later, Jahangir who often hunter there, noted that there was one or more murder each generation because of a feud between a pair of village families.

The walk the escarpment from Baghanwala for you to Nandna, alongside steep drops, dancing streams and mineral water mills, takes about a couple of hours.

At the top, between your vertical cliff walls, an immense fortress or rock prevents the pass. It’s believed Alexander the fantastic marched through Nandna on his strategy to meet Porus (پورس) on the banks in the Jhelum.

It was here, early in the 11th hundred years, nursing his wounds via successive defeats by Mahmud of Ghazni, that Anandpal, the Hindu Shahi ruler re-established his capital soon after his flight from Hund.

Through Pind Dadan Khan, the 35 kilometres (22 miles) to Jalalpur the place that the lower ridges of the Khewra Salt Range step down to the Jhelum River, current no problems.

Take the right fork within the Rasul Barrage across the Jhelum River to Rasul in addition to continue through Chillianwala, in addition to Dinga, to rejoin the Grand Trunk road with Kharian, south of Jhelum

There’s a village in close proximity to Rasul (رسول) called Mong that may possibly be the place where Alexander’s famous horse, Bucephalus, which was killed inside the battle against Porus, is buried.

He personally led the funeral procession and the horse’s remains were presumably laid in the grave in on the list of two cities that Alexander founded in the region after his victory, among which he named following your horse.


It was with another village, near Rasul, Chillianwala (چلیاں والا), in 1848 that Sikh almost defeated the British in the bloody battle. A total cavalry regiment took airfare and British casualties, including a wide array of camp followers, numbered over 2,000.

The mass grave in the British officers, surmounted by a substantial stone cross and an obelisk, can still be viewed.

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