KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway and Mr. Cod in Islamabad

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The Capital of Pakistan is a world’s famous city. It is a well recognized global city where peoples come from everywhere. All the multinational companies are very happy to have their branches in the Islamabad. The world’s best fast food hotels are also situated in this city of Pakistan. Today we are going to take you to the international fast food branches in the Capital.

KFC at F6

Islamabad KFC

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken):

It is one of a most famous fast food, where local citizens and foreigners come more often. This city has the two branches of KFC in it. The first one situated in blue area, F-10 sector while the next one is in the F-6 Markaz. The chain of this fast food restaurant has approached in all the major cities of the country. It provides pure and delicious food to the citizens.

Islamabad Mcdonalds

Isb McDonalds Capital

mcdonalds islamabad

Jinnah Park Mcdonalds

doll of mcdonalds

Mcdonalds in Blue Area


It is also an international brand which offers a big menu. In Islamabad it is situated in the F-10 Markaz and the Fatimah Jinnah Park of sector F-6. It also provides high standard of foods.

Pizza Hut F7 Markaz

F10 markaz Pizza Hut

F7 Pizza Hut Islamabad

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut offers you the Pizza of different tastes and sizes. You can get the Pizza of your own choice from its hut. In the Capital it is situated in the F-10 sector and the F-7 markaz.

blue area subway

Subway in Blue Area

Subway Capital


Subway is another famous fast food hotel and you could find it in the Sector F-11 of the city. It offers you many type of burgers and other fast food items.

Mr. Cod Blue Area Islamabad

Mr. Cod:

It is situated in the “A” Block of Jinnah Avenue in the F-10 blue area of the city. It is a sea food restaurant basically which offers you different things which are made by fish.

Because these companies are working in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan so they are bound to use the “Halal” meat while making their products. This is the culture of Muslims that they eat “Halal” things only. No product is allowed here which contain pork and any “Haram” things. All the ingredients should be clearly mention and should be safe for health. These companies also import few products from the other countries.

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