Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax guide with Cosmo and McDonalds

Posted on Sep 22 2013 - 2:45pm by visitpak

Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax is the house of entertainment and gaming in the Rawalpindi city. It is a key cinema hall of the whole city which entertains hundreds of peoples on daily basis. It was the first project which was built in the Jinnah Park Rawalpindi, the McDonalds is the 2nd one.

In the year 2008 big this city got a new house of entertainment with 5 screens and gaming zone. Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax could host 1400 visitors at a single time. One could purchase the tickets from the same place.

If you are not familiar with this place then let us guide you towards the Jinnah Park first. If you are coming from the Islamabad side towards this point then you should chose the Airport Road and if you approaching it from Rawalpindi or Jhelum (جہلم) side then you need to take a turn from the Katechery Chowk (کچہری چوک). You will be on the same Airport road of Islamabad.

At the Airport Road you need to reach at Annexy Bridge and Annexy Chowk (انیکسی چوک). This is the key point and the entrance place of the Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax. This point exists right opposite to the Police Lines Rawalpindi and the district courts. Here you will find the main gate of Jinnah Park and the Jinnah Park Masjid (مسجد). This gate is situated on the Mushtaq Baig Shaeed Road (مشتاق بیگ شہید روڈ).

There is a big parking place inside the Jinnah Park Rawalpindi. A huge number of vehicles of Jinnah Park, McDonalds, Cosmo Cash and Carry and the Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax visitors are parked here.

Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax is also famous for its cricket matches. On special occasions and big matches of Pakistani cricket team, this cinema offers the live streaming of those matches. A large number of Pakistan cricket reserve their seats for matches. A large number of boys and girls joins and enjoy this live streaming.

After entering this place, you will watch McDonalds, Cosmo Cash and Carry at your right while Cinepax at front. It is famous place of the city where people could entertain themselves with food, movies and the park. This is a best place for all age groups from children to old citizens. For Jinnah Park Rawalpindi Cinepax cinema you need to make some advance reservations.

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