Introduction to Sargodha Pakistan the city of Eagles

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:27pm by visitpak

Sargodha Pakistan

It is not far from Chiniot and may take’ about one hour by car. It was established in 1903, but its origins are older. Till 1960, the District was called Shahpur District, as Shahpur had been it’s headquartering in the early 19th century. Shahpur was, however, washed away twice in 1849 and in 1893.

Sargodha Pakistan is more famous for its men than for its products. It is the center of a purely agricultural based feudalistic society. Their young men smartly dressed and wearing white turbans on white chargers carry the day in manly sports like the tent-pegging and horse riding etc.

Because of the fine performance of the Pakistan Air Force, the Sargodha Pakistan has been given the title: “The City of Shaheens” during the 1965 war with Bharat (India). With the exception of the Salt Range which touches it in the north, the whole of the area is plain and lies entirely between 500 and 700 feet above sea level with a gradual slope of 1 and half feet towards south west. Today it is an agriculturally rich area with some textile and sugar mills and an excellent Air Force base.