Introduction and instructions about hiring a taxi in Islamabad

Posted on Oct 8 2012 - 9:28am by visitpak

Islamabad has 3 types of taxis but the yellow and black color taxi is the famous one. In other types we have totally yellow color and the next one is white. Yellow and white color is a Suzuki FX car of 80s model. While yellow cabs and white cabs are middle and latest models of cars. All these types of cabs could be finding in the twin city of Rawalpindi as well.

The driver could charge you from the minimum amount of Rs. 50. None of those taxis has the meters at inside so driver will charge you according to the destination. Most of these cab drivers know little bit of English because their mother tongue is Urdu but do not worry they will ask and tell you about the destinations and fares. Within the Capital they could charge from the Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 which is a quite decent amount now days.

Before sitting in some taxi or cab you are instructed to fix the fare for your destination if you are not satisfied the amount then hire the next one who offers the cheaper amount. You must provide him the exact and accurate address so there will be no wastage of time and charges. Unknown address could take a longer time to find and so as the charges.

Most of the drivers hang the Verses of Quran-Kareem on the central view mirror. It is there believes being a Muslim, this could be find in the most of the vehicles in Islamabad. Before getting in, judge the driver by yourself because there could be a bad guy on the driving seat. The most of them are very gentle and co-operative. One taxi could carry up to 4 passengers in a single time.

If you know a taxi driver in the city then call him up first, otherwise write down the number of the taxi you are hiring and send this number to your friend of family member etc. and tell them the destination. There is a rare chance of fraud in the city like Islamabad as police and other law enforcement agencies are everywhere.

Judge a driver with his habits and actions; it is very easy to conclude about the personality of him. The number of a taxi is also printed on the mirrors, watch out for it. All the taxis have a route permit for the passengers and they are instructed to write their route permit number on the front side of the vehicle.

There are few taxi stands in the Capital but you can hire it on the move as well. Be aware of criminal minded drivers and always judge before getting inside of it. Always put the locks on as you go inside and do not allow sitting any stranger besides or at front seat. Keep a map of the area and keep a check on the moments of the driver.

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