Information of Bala Tikka House and Al-Sheikh Tikka House Rawalpindi

Posted on Oct 21 2013 - 12:48pm by visitpak

In Rawalpindi city we have only few rare and famous places are available for eatable things. Banni Chowk (بنی چوک) is one of them and famous for its two major hotels, 1st one is the Iqbal or Bala Tikka House (بالا تکہ ہاؤس) and the other one is Al-Sheikh Tikka House (الشیخ تکہ ہاؤس). Both are situated within the distance of few metres from each other. There is also a new branch of Bala Tikka House PWD in Bahria Town (بحریہ ٹاؤن) but we will discuss it later some times.

We are on the main Said Pur Road (سیدپور روڈ) of Rawalpindi city which starts from the Banni Chowk and ends at the Pandora Choungi (پنڈورہ چونگی). Bala Tikka and Shiekh Tikka are situated in between the Banni and Asghar Mall Chowk (اصغر مل چوک) of the city.

Both the above places are famous of their barbecues and Karahi (کڑاہی) (typical eastern and spicy dishes). They are prepared on the coals and gas with the help of chicken, beef and mutton. You can place an order according to your wish or requirement. There is a very little difference of taste in between those hotels.

Bala Tikka House is an older place in Rawalpindi as compare to Al-Sheikh Tikka House. The first hotel also has a big setup and hall for families. A large number of peoples visit here from local city and Capital. It is a famous place among the citizens for quality eating.

The main factor for their popularity is the nominal prices as compare to 3 or 5 star hotels. Both the Bala Tikka House and Al-Shiekh Tikka House offer nominal prices for their products and dishes. The Police Station Banni is also situated next to the Bala Tikka House.

The seat arrangement of Al-Sheikh Tikka House is much better over the Bala Tikka House. Both the hotels get crowd and rush at evening and night so we could call it the most famous place for dinners in Rawalpindi. There is no proper parking places are available for your vehicles, which truly is a back draw for visitors. You need to park at your own risk and due to huge crowd and congested road, you may get disturbance in the flow of traffic.

The quality of food is maintained though but you need to use the mineral water with your meals. The surrounding areas over here are known as the Kartar Pura and Aghar Mall Scheme. Both are very old residential areas of Rawalpindi.

The biggest flower market of Rawalpindi is also situated nearby at Banni Chowk (بنی چوک) along other commercial places, Fish market and the Bakra Mandi (بکرا منڈی). The areas of Raja Bazaar (راجہ بازار), Pir Wadahi (پیر ودھائی) and the Darbar of Eid Gah (دربار عید گاہ شریف) Sharif are also situated near to it.

How to approach:

There are two ways and one road to reach at Bala Tikka House and the Al-Sheikh Tikka House. If you are coming from Islamabad then are need to reach at Saidpur Road (سید پور روڈ) from main Murree Road (مری روڈ) by using the Asghar Mall Road (اصغر مل روڈ). You need to take left turn towards the Banni Chowk from the Asghar Mall Chowk. Al-Shiekh will come first at your left side and the Bala Tikka will be next on the same side, after passing the Police Station Banni.

From Rawalpindi side, you need to take turn from the main Banni Chowk towards the Asghar Mall Chowk. From this way you will see the Bala Tikka first at your right side and Al-Sheikh Tikka after PS Banni.