Information of a Unique cafe DC3 in Shangrila Pakistan

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 1:37pm by visitpak

You must witness many strange buildings in the world and few of them are wonders but today we are going to take you to the land of beauty and peace, the Shangrila Pakistan. It is famous of its beautiful landscape and the lake in it. There are many hotels and resorts over there to stay and eat but one of them is very unique and historic.
This is DC3 Cafe, which was a flying airplane once upon a time. Thousands of travellers travelled in it to reach their destination. Back in its time of glory many passengers were accommodated by this plane which is used for a local cafe now days. 60 years ago it was a live airplane but currently it is short of wings and seems like a sculpture.
It is very hard for a plane to stay or fixed on a single place but it is the weakness of this it, because it could not fly anymore. Brigadier Aslam Khan is the sole owner of this plane and DC3 cafe. He presented it to the general public and offered there cafe services to its visitors. It was brought here in 1950 and offers different types of snacks by its cabin crew.

Another Boeing plane of PIA is also placed in Lahore near Chauburji which was expired but it is used for the informative and entertainment purposes. On the other hands our DC3 Cafe Shangrila is used specifically for the visitors and travellers of Shangrila valley.