Info of the Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi and its directions with guide

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With deep roots in British Raj, we are on the Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi (بنک روڈ صدر راولپنڈی). It truly is a business hub of this big city and got importance from the British era. It is next road to the main Mall, which was established in the cant area. British gave it so much importance and use it as the commercial area. This is the reason we have few very old shops over it.

Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi starts from the Bank Road turn, main Murree Road (مری روڈ) and ends near the Railway station of Rawalpindi. It has many commercial shops and plazas from the starting point till the end. Both sides of this road are used commercially and visited by thousands of people on daily basis.

One thing to keep in mind is Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi is a one way road. It means you have to enter on this road from the eastern side of the city. You could not enter on it from the railway station point but from the Murree Road side. Railway station point of this road is the ending point and the exit point too.

As you enter on it from the Murree Road you watch the shop of K and Ns to the right and Metro Shoes at your left. Afterwards you will witness some showrooms of cars and two big mobile markets. As the name suggests “Bank Road”, this road has a lot of commercial banks on it. All major banks are working here due to its important location. We have two branches of National Bank and the main Branch of the city on this road.

Canning road and Masjid Chowk (مسجد چوک) shall be the first one who crosses this road on which you have the famous bakery of Bread and Butter, Saddar Branch and the Askaria (عسکریہ) College of Management and Information Technology. You will see few big computer markets of Saddar Bazaar on the both sides after passing this Chowk. Italian Shoes, Suzuki Jan Motors, Brand City, gift and toy shops are situated on the both sides of Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi.

After few minutes’ drive you will be on the Bank Road Chowk, it is the main and connecting point of this road to Kashmir Road Saddar. One road meets it from the GTS Chowk while other follows it from the GPO Chowk. Rania Mall (رانیہ مال), Al-Jannat Mall (الجنت مال), Kareem Samosa (کریم سموسہ) and Unique Bakery are few famous things near to this point.

After passing the Bank Road Chowk, you will find some large plazas around you and most of them include the clothing and shoe stores. National Bank main branch will arrive soon at your left side and the Barkat Plaza (برکت پلازہ) at your right. Here comes the famous Gakhar Plaza Chowk and the Gakhar Plaza. It is the biggest plaza on Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi. Once, Gakhar Plaza (گھکھڑ پلازہ) got high fire and went down. Current one is newly built building with latest facilities. This Chowk is the junction of Harding Road and the Hospital Road. Cantonment Board General Hospital is situated right behind this large plaza. City Centre of Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi is also here.

The next Chowk is Capital Cinema Chowk, as the name suggest, there is an old cinema hall of the city. It is the connecting point of Police Station Road and Bank Road. Police Station of cant area is situated here to the right side of the Capital Cinema Chowk.

Wah Wagon Stop (واہ ویگن اسٹاپ) is the ending point of Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi; here you will see few barriers. These barriers indicate that this is not an entry point. Metropol Chowk (میٹروپول چوک) is situated here and it is connecting point of Mehfooz Road (محفوظ روڈ), Garden Road, Stephen Road and the Bank Road. You need to take right from here to reach the Railway Station of Rawalpindi.

How to reach:

If you are coming from the Islamabad or Faizabad (فیض آباد) side then you need to take right move from the Bank Road Turn (main Murree Road-مری روڈ ). On the other hands if you are approaching Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi from city side then you may enter in it from the Main Murree Road, Kashmir Road and Harding Road. You must remember that it is a one way road so do not violate this rule, you may get one way violation ticket for it. There is no proper parking place available, so you may park your vehicles at your own risk on the proper and safe place of the road.

Lock your vehicle properly and safely as there are so many complaints about the car thefts. Regarding this matter we suggest that you should keep your eyes on your vehicles for next 10 to 15 minutes after parking and park the vehicles to the nearest point of your destination. If it is possible then one person should stay in or near your vehicle after parking.

Business hub:

Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi truly is a business hub of the city. All types of shops and plazas are situated on this road. Chand Raat (چاند رات) is the most crowded moment of this road. Thousands of people do visit here on this occasion from Rawalpindi and Islamabad for shopping. This road has its historic back round; it is a business hub of the city since we got freedom from the British Raj. This place is also famous for its book stalls on every Sunday.

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