Independence Day celebration on Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 9:36am by visitpak

Bank Road Saddar is the most important commercial area of the Rawalpindi city. A road which is just below 2 kilometres, that starts from Bank Road turn and ends at Railway Station Rawalpindi. Citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad focus on this road on Chand Raat and Independence Day.

On the mid night of 13th and 14th August a huge number of crowds gathered on Bank Road Saddar from twin cities. Most of the crowds included pedestrians but a large number of bikes and auto vehicles were also present. All the major building of the city and area was decorated with colourful lights and flags.

Important thing is this crowd does not come here for some commercial or shopping purpose but to enjoy the environment. Besides the enjoyment few dangerous activities are performed on Chand Raat and Independence Day, which are one wheeling of bikes, pinning, spinning, skating and racing. This truly is a big back draw of twin cities citizens.

Last night I was present on the Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi to witness these harmful activities. At 11 pm of 13th August peoples started to came on this road and thousands of peoples gathered in just half an hour. The terrible activities started around 11:30 pm of 13th August. Huge number of pedestrians was gathered to enjoy the scenario without any safety precautions or measures.

As the date changed from 13th to 14th August another horrible thing started, I heard the sound of firing along the other fireworks on the main Bank Road Saddar. Other activities of bikers and cars were also on move, the Bank Chowk and the Gakhar Plaza Chowk was packed and traffic was jammed.

Few traffic police men were deployed there but they were nothing in front of that huge crowd. Unfortunately our district police of totally absent until 3 am. Law and order were really disturbed on this occasion and Bank Road Saddar was totally lawless. A huge number of families were also present on bikes and cars. Few accidents also occurred but with the grace of Allah there were no major casualties.

Till 3 am the crowd were given free hands for their activities and actions but after that traffic police along a Punjab Police mobile came into action and dispersed the crowd. This drama was ended near 4 am of 14th August.

The thinkable point in this whole scenario was, is it a right way to celebrate the Independence Day? Is Independence Day means to put your silencers out along pinning and spinning? A big No from me, we did not get this country for these purposes but to spend our lives according to Islam.

Traffic Police and District Police should take a special note on these circumstances and should take major and positive steps to avoid these activities in future. The Bank Road Rawalpindi should be sealed on Chand Raat and Independence Day and should be allowed for the pedestrians only.