In the year 2011-12, One million tourists came to Pakistan PTDC

Posted on Dec 5 2012 - 6:42am by visitpak

The md ptdc shah jahan

In the Capital city of Pakistan the M.D of PTDC Mr. Shah Jahan Khaitran told that in the year 2011-12, nearly one million tourists came to Pakistan. Due to these visitors Pakistan earned a handsome amount of 350 million US Dollars. He said that due to stability of peace in the northern areas the tourists are visiting those places and they are turning back to Pakistan.

PTDC is promoting the tourism and adventures in Pakistan and playing an important role for its betterment. Recently a motorcyclist Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khangala made a national record. He covered 12,000 Kilometres journey in 30 days and reached in Islamabad. M.D of PTDC said that it is an example of peaceful journey in Pakistan. He welcomed him along the other top officials of PTDC. They all gave the congratulations to the biker Muhammad Iqbal Khangala. This tour will improve the image of Pakistan in the world. PTDC fully support him and facilitate him on the way until the compilation of his journey.

Currently 18 tourist centres and 39 hotels, motels and restaurants of PTDC are working in the country. Few more tourist information centre has been established in the country. 3 of them are working in the Baluchistan (Raknai, Ziyarat and Lora Lai) while one is working in the Sindh province. All these centres are facilitating the tourist and offering them latest information about the local areas. Before this the province of Baluchistan was totally ignored regarding the tourism but currently PTDC is trying to promote the tourism in this province. This province is full of historical places and many large mountains with a deep and big Arabian Ocean. These steps of PTDC will boast the number of tourist in this region. All the major cities of Pakistan have a site office of Pakistan Tourism and Development Corporation where anyone could get the required information.

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