Hunky places of Lahore Jallo Park, Depalpur and Sheikhupura

Posted on Nov 23 2014 - 1:03pm by visitpak

Jallo Park

This amusement Jallo park was planned in 1977 as a picnic spot. Spread over an area of 450 acres in the vicinity of Lahore city, it has vast green lawns, forest research center, children’s park, a zoo, a small museum and gift shop dealing in woodwork and a cafeteria.

Besides, there is a lake (needs to be enlarged) in an adjacent park known as Shadab Park. Motor and rowing boats are available to the visitors. The park is 27.36 km. (17 miles) away from Lahore on GT Road beyond the Jallo Railway Station. It can be visited both by road and rail. A rail car leaves for Jallo Railway Station every half an hour. It is a good one day picnic spot particularly for the lovers of deer, black bucks and peacocks.

Rest house accommodation is also available at the site. There are two other important forests around Lahore. One at Kot Lakhpat is also irrigated on both banks of the River Ravi running to about 7 miles from Lahore and covering an area of about two thousand acres. These are wooded or covered with Muni-Kana and Pilchhi and are also planned on a 15 years rotation basis.


South-west of Lahore beyond Changa Manga forest, (near Okara) there is a small town known as Depalpur. It is believed to be very ancient and there is an Indus Valley site under the mound. Scythian coins have been occasionally found from the site.

It was an important town when Muslims conquered Sindh and Multan in the 8th century. It was also the site of a battle in 1285 when Sultan Balban’s son was killed and Amir Khusrao, the poet and courtier was taken as prisoner.

At the time of Timur’s invasion, Depalpur was the capital city reputed to have 84 towers, 84 wells and 84 mosques. Babur captured it and Marhattas and Sikhs also fought for it and captured it in their own turn. After the Sikhs devastation the town failed to recover its glory, and decayed because of loot and plunder. All that remains now are the ruins of the ancient buildings and constructions of the recent past.


Sheikhupura is 30 km. (20 miles) from Lahore it is the District headquarters and known for two grand Mughal monuments. Jahangir Fort: Jahangir Fort stands in the center of the city it can be seen from a distance. This graceful fort suffered to some extent during the Sikh period. It was occupied by Rani Nakayan, one of wives of Ranjit Singh.

The fort is not in very good condition now but the Rani’s private house is worth a visit. Its interior is covered with fresco paintings. Visitors to the fort require a permit from the Department of Archaeology located in the Lahore fort at Lahore.