How to reach and important places of Sadiqabad Rawalpindi Pakistan

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Sadiqabad Rawalpindi (صادق آباد راولپنڈی) is another congested area of the city. It is a famous place though and thousand of peoples use to live here with so many commercial activities. You could reach here from four different roads. If you are coming from the Rawal Road then you need to take right turn from the Ali Nawaz Chohan Chowk (علی نواز چوہان چوک) (Gaye Chowk – گاۓ چوک ) on the Kurri Road (کری روڈ). You will find the Band Khana Road on your way to Sadiqabad Rawalpindi.

If you are using the Murree Road (مری روڈ) then you need to take a turn from Chandni Chowk (چاندنی چوک) towards the Khana Road (کھنہ روڈ) you will find the C-Block Chowk and the famous Bilal Hostpial Sadiqabad on your way.

From the Islamabad highway you should use the Kurri Road or the Khana Road to reach this destination. It is an important place of the city and the old one too. It is situated at the back side of the Islamabad International Airport. So you could enjoy the takeoff and landing of aeroplanes.

Kurri Road is a famous place of the city for its wood works and furniture. Peoples do visit here from near and far to buy the furniture for their homes and offices. All kinds of wooden furniture could be found here with the new and attractive designs.

Sadiqabad Rawalpindi is situated at a corner of city and in front of the Capital. This is the reason, why people of twin cities prefer this place to live. We found allot of peoples who looks for the Sadiqabad Rawalpindi house for sale. Finding a house for sale in Sadiqabad Rawalpindi is a typical and tough job as the prices of the properties are really high.

One can find big plazas and small houses in this area of the city with few commercial centres. Here we find a problem on the rainy days because the sewerage system of this area is not appreciable, people get suffer from the rain water and it is very hard to pass on the roads.

The kiosk of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi, Sadiqabad sector is situated on the Chandni Chowk while the police station Sadiqabad is on the service road of Islamabad Highway.

Famous places of Sadiqabad Rawalpindi:

  • Ali Chowk (علی چوک)
  • Sadiq Public School (صدیق پبلک اسکول)
  • Farooq Azam Masjid (فاروق اعظم مسجد)
  • Amina Masjid (آمنہ مسجد)
  • Arshi Masjid (عرشی مسجد)
  • Zia Masjid (ضیاء مسجد)
  • Younis Masjid (یونس مسجد)
  • Sapna Road (سپنا روڈ)
  • Dhoke Ali Akbar (ڈھوک علی اکبر)
  • Chah Sultan (چاہ سلطان)
  • Roots School
  • C-Block Chowk
  • Bilal Hospital Sadiqabad Rawalpindi (بلال ہسپتال)
  • Khan Motors
  • ASF Gate
  • Sadiqabad Chowk
  • Transformer Chowk
  • Haji Chowk (حاجی چوک)
  • Ghousia Chowk (غوثیہ چوک)
  • Jahaz Ground Chowk (جہاز گراونڈ)
  • Kurri Road Picket (کری روڈ پکٹ )
  • Chungi Number 8 (چونگی نمبر آٹھ)
  • Khana Pull (کھنہ پل)
  • Chatri Chowk چھتری چوک)
  • Dhoke Kashmiriyan (ڈھوک کشمیریاں)
  • Kartar Pura (کرتار پورہ)
  • Beacon House School
  • PAF School and College
  • Sadiq Public School
  • Agha Khan Hospital (آغا خان ہسپتال)
  • Allied School
  • Khana Farhang (خانہ فرہنگ)
  • Ghori Street
  • Madni Road (مدنی روڈ)
  • HBL Sadiqabad Rawalpindi
  • Police Station Sadiqabad

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