How to find a street in Islamabad

Posted on Sep 30 2012 - 6:38am by visitpak

The Capital of Pakistan is a modern and beautifully planned city. The streets and roads of the Islamabad have the posters to display the directions and the exact location. These posters glow at the night so it is not hard even in the night to find a specific place are area.

If you are unfamiliar to the Islamabad you can reach anywhere by following these informative boards and posters. Normally the streets of Islamabad exist in series wise but sometimes you may get confuse when a number skips from that series. What the mystery is behind is not very hard to reveal. That numbers could be given to the sub-streets. If you live in the Islamabad then you will be use to soon.

Sometime few politicians or Army officer may affect on the position or the numbering of some street. In these cases CDA (Capital Development Authority) plays the role of a silent spectator and could not do anything. Due to Capital city, Islamabad had many politician and armed forces personals in its area which make some influence as well. This should not be happened in Islamabad.

The numbers are given to the streets in the eastern style. Suppose main Street has a number now if there are few more sub-streets in it, they will get the next number to the main street so you may find some skipping numbers in a sub-street. So a main street could have its branches at inside to it.

The boards are available everywhere in Islamabad, this city has a big residential area. If you are a visitor in the Capital do not get confuse with the missing numbers of the streets and ask any local person for the guidance. The local community is very co-operative and nice with everyone. Most of the community in Islamabad is well educated. So watch out for the signboards and the posters on every square (Chowk) to get the assistance of any place. These posters and signboards are your friends.

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