Hiran Minar (Tower of the Deer) in Sheikhupura

Posted on Nov 1 2012 - 7:45am by visitpak

Hiran Minar or the tower of the deer is situated in the city of Sheikhupura. This city is 40 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Lahore. The 4th Mughal King Jahangir built this structure in a beautiful lake. Basically it is a monument of a deer that is the reason behind its name. It is a structure of the year 1606 which was built on the grave of the “Mansraj” (Royal Deer). The height of this tower is 100 feet.

History says that “Mansraj” was the lucky deer which got the status of pet to the Great Mughal King Jahangir. Later on this tower was used to locate the wild animals to hunt. It gives you the total view of surrounding areas. It is another amazing structure of the Mughal Era. Tourists could observe that age very closely, by visiting this place of Deer’s tower in Sheikhupura.

A very large water tank increases its beauty because water covers this structure from all sides. There is a small bridge for pedestrians to connect this building with the land. A slope was built in a side of this pool; it was to facilitate the pet animals of the Royal family. Water collection and water exiting system of this building is really impressive. The location of Hiran Minar is also very impressive so as its environment. It is one of the best places to visit in the Punjab province.

When you reach to its roof, it takes you in some other world. The scenes of forest are eye catching. There is a large water pool where peoples seem busy in boating. It is a very cool place to visit in the summer season. There are few places around it where peoples come for hunting.

Be careful by visiting this place and do not demolish its natural beauty. You will pay the penalty if you do so. It is a very unique and peaceful place to visit with your family and friends. Foreigners also seem interested to watch this tower of the deer.

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