Hazuri Bagh and Baradari of Ranjit Singh in Lahore

Posted on Nov 3 2012 - 7:33am by visitpak

This is the pavilion of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is also known as the Baradari of Ranjit Singh, another structure of historical city of Lahore. It is in the centre of Great Shahi Mosque and Shahi Fort (Lahore Fort) of Lahore city. It is and enclosure between the two historical places. It is in the premises of Hazuri Bagh and surrounded by a small wall. This baradari is a place which has 12 doors and it was a two storey building.

In the 19th century which was the last time of Mughal Empire Sikh captured this city for few decades. Ranjit Singh was the Maharaja of Sikh community. City of Lahore got Capital status of the Sikh Kingdom later on British took the charge. Maharaja ordered for its construction and it was a place where he enjoys the evenings, dance of Tawaifs and also attend his audience.

An upper floor of this structure got damages in a strong storm. Few of writers claim it as a piece of Mughal Era but most of them are agreed that it belongs to the Sikh Kingdom. Hazuri Bagh is a lush green garden which provides sitting place to the citizens of Lahore. Faqir Aziz ud din took a major role in the construction of this Hazuri Bagh and he lived near the Bhati gate. It reflects the typical Mughal style. Jamadar Khusal Singh and Khilafa Noor ud din were few other names who constructed it. By the passage of time this area got damages which were not repaired or reconstructed again. In the evening the poets of the country get to gather at this point and present their poetry. On every evening of Sunday local folk music is also presents to the audience. Once it was a place where Mughal King gave the briefing to their troops.

Now take a look on few images of the Hazuri Bagh and the Baradari of Maharaja Ranjit Singh:

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