Hazara, Haripur, Dor Valleys and the mighty Tarbela Dam, how to reach

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Really the only the main KPK Land that will is situated at east on the Indus, Hazara addresses a number of 10,000 sq. kms (3,300 sq. miles).

The Margalla hills near Hazara valley, the particular south-western foothills on the beautiful Pir Panjal foothills, tag the particular southernmost border of an location involving upper Pakistan which in turn surely promises much more wonderful and also remarkable panoramas (both organic and also manmade), when compared with any kind of equivalent location.

The Pir Panjal near Hazara plus the Jhelum Water delineate the particular region’s Eastern border and also try to portion the item via Azad Kashmir. The buttress on the Hindu Kush will be it is western flank plus the Himalaya, in which they ribbon into the Pamir Knot, via it is upper perimeter.

As a result of this streams the particular Indus to become joined way downstream because of the Jhelum. Intended for high of it is voyage as a result of Hazara, the particular Indus as well as valley form the particular district’s western border, splitting the item via Swat. From Tarbela, 65 kms (40 miles) north-west involving Islamabad, in which the Indus on via it is very last overeat, a dam provides changed the location.

The grand movement stemmed, the particular Indus provides bellied away to create one of several subcontinent’s ideal body of water, many 100 or so sq. kms throughout location and much more when compared with 160 metres (450 feet) deep.

Communities and also facilities were being overloaded because of the climbing waters and also in which after cows grazed and also cereals were being sown and also reaped, right now the particular harvesting will be species of fish. From it is a dull shore, countless numbers ply the particular body of water waters. This particular glistening body of water, with its green and also pleasant panorama, provides acceptance to help mankind’s conceit.

Shopping like it’s got lain at this time there because the Indus 1st sprang freed from it is off-road jail; the item expands northwards over the toes involving Hazara’s Dark-colored foothills for almost 100 kms (60 miles).

A century and a half back, at Sazin in Hazara’s upper line while using Gilgit Agency, Nanga Parbat stirred throughout it is long slumber and also dispatched decrease a landslide, trapping the particular Indus massive amounts behind an immense rampart involving off-road rubble.

Any body of water almost because substantial since the a single right now at Terbela, stretching out more than proper kms (50 miles) (to the location involving Gilgit), has been formed behind the particular barrier. Although a year later throughout June 1841, while Nanga Parbat shuddered once again throughout it is snooze, the particular dam has been breached.

Accumulating momentum and also top, a big gigantic tidal wave bore decrease throughout the filter gorges for more than one hundred sixty kms (100 miles) until the item disseminate at Tarbela to help battle over the flat-lands in a power so effective the item engulfed some cities and also 20 towns drowning many thousands and also racing the particular territory all around for a huge number of sq. kms.

How to reach at Hazara and Tarbela Dam:

About three roadways lead through the Great Trunk Road (GT Road), the particular Imperial freeway that will ties Lahore, Islamabad and also Peshawar directly into Hazara, all assembly at Haripur inside the Dor Valley. The easiest will be the one that turns proper simply just outside of Hasan Abdal, forty-eight kms (30 miles) via Islamabad, lowering throughout the ripped and also fertile farmlands for thirty three kms (21 miles) to help Haripur.

There’s a complicated however greatly much more lovely, tough simply just to the north on the Margalla Pass. Which trips throughout the Taxila valley bridging the particular Khanpur Dam plus the Harro Water?

The street carries allow as soon as the dam on the floor of a steep valley, as a result of to a great extent eroded countryside and also goes in Haripur through the east.

Another and many popular decision turns proper throughout Taxila city right before the way in which sidestep, the place where a sign in The English language states that “Welcome University of Engineering Taxila”, and also continues as a result of Sarai Khola, previous huge executive sophisticated, some other market sectors and also concrete floor factory.

Only previous a track bridging eight kms (6 miles) as soon as the turn-off, there’s a extra tall, nicely conserved Buddhist shrine, the particular Bhallar Stupa, which includes already been cut throughout the middle and has a keeping wall structure on the cut area.

The street twists and also turns as a result of several gullied to participate the particular Hasan Abdal road a couple kms (1 mile) just before Haripur.

Around the key Hasan Abdal-Haripur road, there’s a quit flip 20 kms (16 miles) following leaving the particular Imperial Interstate, decrease a whole new road that leads within the Gandghar hillsides to help Sirkot and also Tarbela Dam.

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