Hakimon ka Maqbara and Lala Rukh’s tomb in the Hasan Abdal, Attock

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Hakimon ka Maqbara (حکیموں کا مقبرہ) at Hasan Abdal (حسن ابدال) it attributed to Hakim Abdul Fateh Gilani (فتح گیلانی) and Hakim Hamam (حکیم امام). These two Hakims were brothers and hold very prominent position in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar and are claimed to be two paramount personalities of the Eastern medicine. Hakim Hamam was one of the most favourites of the Emperor Akbar. Later on he got direct access to the Emperor Akbar without any intermediary. These are few historical places of Pakistan.

The Mausoleum along with a water tank was built in 1589 A.D in Hasan Abdal. by Khawaja Shams Ud Din Khawafi (خواجہ شمس الدین خافی), Governor of the Punjab. He died in the year 1599 A.D. Basically Governor built it for himself instead of the Khawafi. Two venerated brothers were buried here by the order of the Emperor.

This tomb is externally an octagonal building built on artificially raised low platform. It has four arched entrance on four cardinal points. On all other four sides there is double arched recess, one above the other. One side access to the upper recesses as well as the roof was provided through staircases. Now there are all blocked and not present in their actual condition. The parapet wall is low and featureless. There is no dome on the top, domical portion of the main arched entrance were originally decorated with art work which is not done on top. The access to the inner chamber is provided through low rectangular doorway, each set deep in one arched entrance.

The exterior was covered with thick layer of lime plaster and decorated with tracery work. Patches of which are preserved here and other. During the Sikh Era, the original position of the Graves was levelled and the Tomb was as the “Munshi Khana” (منشی خانہ) of Hasan Abdal.

Another monument grave is situated on the Eastern side of the Hakim’s Tomb which is called as the Lala-Rukh’s (لالہ رخ) Tomb. All local traditions and oral history assert that the personage in this tomb was a member of Royal family of the Mughal (مغل) Emperor Humayoun (ہمایوں). Perhaps she was died here at Hasan Abdal, when he was going or coming from Kashmir. The cenotaph built in variegated sand stone stand on a high platform amidst, an enclosure which was approached through a door on the west. The enclosure is built of lime stone and small burnt bricks, laid in lime mortar. Surface is thickly plastered and decorated colourful fresco painting which has now been disappeared due to the passage of time but the traces are still visible. Hamayoun ka Makbara and Lala Rukh’s tomb is few very important many Muslim monument of early Mughal period in Hasan Abdal.

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