Gurdwara Nirali and Mandir Radhay Shaam in Daultala

Posted on Jan 1 2015 - 12:27pm by visitpak

Let us to take you a historical place of Chakwal city. Village Daultala is famous for its many historic buildings and places and Gurdwara Sahib Pehli Patshahi Nirali and Mandir Radhay Shaam are two of them.

The Gurdwara Sahib Pehli Patshahi Nirali had the footsteps of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib. It is a double storey building but currently in a very bad condition. A big water pound or the typical Sarovar is also present here but with no water in it due to the unfair maintenance. The steps of Sarovar are still there and explain us its glory of past times. Currently this Sarovar is used as a volleyball ground and local boys play in it at every evening, it is just like a small playing ground now days.

This Gurdwara nirali is under the supervision of local shop keepers and is in a very bad condition. Unfortunately it is hard to say that for how long this building shall stay in future because of the carelessness. This building is very near to demolish and due to some bad weather or earthquake this may fall down to the ground. Footsteps of Sikh’s era are seen here with few old residential buildings. Sealing of the roof and the windows are also damaged badly with the passage of time.

It is said that Baba Guru Nanak came here in Gurdwara nirali personally and stayed for sometimes, it was the reason that Sikh Sangat converted this building into the Gurdwara Nirali. The main entrance door of it is locked and locals do not have its key to open it. Yatri Nawas or the guest room and the Langer Khana are also present at the back side of this building but it is damaged as well and two rooms are already demolished.

Once upon a time Gurdwara nirali was visited by thousands of Sikh Yatrees from North and West side of Punjab province. The Radhay Sham Mandir is situated at the front side of this huge building it was built on the first of Wisakh 2002. The Government is requested to come forward and save these historical places of Daultala village of Chakwal city so that the tourism establish in this region.