Guide to Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi with other useful information

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Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi (لیاقت باغ راولپنڈی) is a well familiar place of the country. It is situated on the main Murree Road Rawalpindi (مری روڈ راولپنڈی) or the Benazir Bhutto Road. It is a famous area of the old city and could be reached easily.


Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi is not just an ordinary park but a historic place too. Although it contains painful stories about the past but still got importance due to its geological positions. It is situated almost in the centre of the city and easily approachable through all sides of the city.

First painful story about this place is the martyr of Liaquat Ali Khan. He was the famous leader of Indo-Pak and was martyred here in the year 1951. Municipal Park was the old name of Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi. After the death of 1st Prime Minister its name was switched to current one.

2nd major incident which occurred over here is the martyr of Benazir Bhutto in the year 2007. 27th of December 2007 is another bad day in the history of Pakistan when ex Prime Minister and main political leader of Pakistan People Party Benazir Bhutto went down after a bomb blast and firing.

So this place took the lives of two Prime Ministers and did not lose its importance. From the beginning of Pakistan it remains the hub of political leaders to address the citizens of Rawalpindi. It is said that this park could accommodate more than 100,000 personals at a single time. You may not find the attractions for kids like swings etc. in this park as it is dedicated for the political events.

National Park of Pakistan:

Pakistan has very few national parks and Liaquat Bagh is one of them. It got this status due to its important location and historical backgrounds.

Rawalpindi Press Club:

It is a best place for a press club to stay around the famous political area. The Rawalpindi Press Club is situated right behind the Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi and could cover the events easily. This could be the main reason of interest for political workers of all parties. All events of this park get huge coverage by the media and press club.

Liaquat Sports Complex:

Along the Rawalpindi Press Club you could find the main sport complex of the city. Liaquat Sports Complex offers you a variety of indoor and outdoor games. Many experience experts are also there to teach you. Liaquat Sports Complex is playing a major role to promote the sports and healthy events in the Rawalpindi city.

Political turnout:

As we told you earlier that Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi is the most famous place of the city for political events, let us talk more about it. It is a key place for all the parties for get-together and social functions. Due to its popular location, even the outsiders could approach it easily. In our city it could be the final destination for rallies and crowds. We can say without any doubt that this place plays a big role in the society. In the elections of 2013 we witnessed that all the parties focused on Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi and tried to arrange big crowd.

Important places:

Here is list of few famous and nearby places and areas of Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi,

  • Arya Mohalla (آریہ محلہ)
  • Liaquat Road
  • Gordon College Road
  • Akbar International Hotel
  • Daewoo Express Cargo Point
  • TMA building
  • Gordon College
  • Liaquat Sports Complex
  • Rawalpindi Press Club
  • Islamia College Rawalpindi
  • Moti Mahal Stop (موتی محل اسٹاپ)
  • National College of Arts
  • Nala Laee (Laee River – نالہ لیی )
  • Gawalmandi Road (گوالمنڈی روڈ)
  • DAV College Road

How to approach:

Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi is situated on a very easy location. It is situated on the main Murree Road and next to famous Mareerh Chowk of the city. If you are coming from the Saddar side or cant area then you need to take left turn from the Liaquat Bagh Chowk while if you are coming from the capital or Faizabad side then you have to turn right from the same Chowk.

You will find a small roundabout right after the Liaquat Chowk, you need to go straight and you will find the main entrance gate of this park at your left side.

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