Guide of 22 Number Chungi to Mareer Chowk Tunnel of Rawalpindi city

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Today we are going to cover another destination of the Rawalpindi city. We are going to take you from 22 Number Chungi Rawalpindi to the Mareer Chowk tunnel Rawalpindi. Normally there are four ways to reach in the 22 Number Chungi (٢٢ نمبر چونگی) Rawalpindi,

  • If you are coming from Dhoke Syedan Chowk than you can use Tench Bhatta road as well as the Kalma Chowk
  • Tench Bhatta Road (ٹینچ بھاٹہ روڈ)
  • Harley Street Road
  • Tamiz ud Din Road  (تمیز الدین روڈ)

The 22 no. chungi rawalpindi

22 number Chungi

22 number Chungi is an old place of British era and has so much importance in the Army’s point of view. It is situated in the Cant area of the Rawalpindi. GHQ and Combined Military Hospital (CMH) are situated next to this point. It is a busy place where you can find some markets, bus stop and a terminal too. The Sabzi Mandi (سبزی منڈی) or fruits and vegetable market is also present in the 22 number Chungi Rawalpindi.

The 22 number chungi rawalpindi

Kashmir Road (کشمیر روڈ):

It is a starting point of Kashmir Road Rawalpindi and the Tamiz ud Din Road (تمیز الدین روڈ). Because our today’s destination is Mareer Chowk tunnel so we are going to use the Kashmir Road for this purpose. So as we move towards Sadder from this point we see a road turning to the left side, it is Muhammad Khan road and known as the Adra Road. Adra (آدڑھ) is the residential area of Rawalpindi and it is situated on this road. The Kiosk of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi is also situated on this road which deals with the Adyala (اڈیالہ) and Dhoke Syedan Sector. Very next to it is the Post Office of GHQ brand, WAPDA office and the Edhi Foundation office.

We need to go straight for Mareer so we will keep using the Kashmir road only. After one minute drive you can witness some installations which belong to Pakistan Army. The first Chowk, you will find on your way is RA Bazaar Chowk, it is a residential area. Right after RA Bazaar you will find the Police station of RA Bazaar at the left side of the road and a CSD fuel pump at your right side.

The 22 number chungi to saddar

The RA Bazaar Chowk

Convey Road Chowk:

Next Chowk will be the Convey Road Chowk; you need to pass it straight without turning left or right. An office of the General Post Master and the CSD office are situated near to this place. Hilal Road Chowk (حلال روڈ چوک) is the next point on the Kashmir Road. One side of Hilal Road Chowk will lead your towards the GHQ while the opposite side will take you to the Military Hospital (MH) of Rawalpindi. A Church could be seen at the left side of this point. Few more link roads also join this main road from the left side.

TNT Chowk:

Here comes a main Chowk of the Rawalpindi city, the TNT Chowk. An Army mess is situated at its one side while some installation of TNT and PTCL on the other side. This Chowk is situated on the main Mall Road or GT Road. This road could lead you sprightly towards Mareer Chowk Tunnel but the problem you could face is the time consuming Chowk ahead, so it is better to take right turn as the signal goes to green. Pick the extreme right lane for this purpose. The famous medicine store of W. Wilson Rawalpindi is situated right here in TNT Chowk.

The TNT chowk rawalpindi

Mall Road / Peshawar Road / GT Road:

As you turn right, you will see a big shopping mall, it is Mall plaza and many currency exchange offices could be found in this Mall plaza. You will find Habib Bank Branch and Standard Charted Bank on this road as well as the NADRA office to the opposite side. Canning Road is situated at the left of your side now. By approaching the TM Chowk you could find the Flashman’s hotel and the office of the TDCP at your left side while Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium (Army Cricket Stadium) at the opposite side. This ground got the honor of witnessing an international test match on it. Now comes the TM Chowk, the GHQ gate number 2 is situated right in front of it and Army Stadium (Hockey Stadium) as well.

TM Chowk:

From here you need to take left turn, this is the Murree Road Turn and the starting point of Murree Road Rawalpindi. St. Pauls Church is situated at your right side and Flashman’s hotel at your left. Haider (حیدر) Road turn is your next point and you could find the electronic signals on it.

The TM Chowk Rawalpindi

The Haider Road turn murree road

Bank Road Turn:

As you cross the Haider Road turn, another turning point shall be in front of you, it is the Bank Road turn. It is also known as the Bata Chowk. Bank Road turn is the starting point of the Sadder Bazaar. Many famous brands and shops are situated on this road. It is a single way and most busy road of the Sadder Bazaar. It gets crown at evening and on the Chand Raat (چاند رات) (moon night) of any Eid (عید).

KFC Chowk:

Next to the Bank Road turn is KFC Chowk. As the name suggest it is the point where KFC Rawalpindi Exists. It is another famous point of the Rawalpindi city and Namak Mandi (نمک منڈی) is situated on its upper while the Sheikh’s Mall in its basement. Old Secretariat or the Secretariat number 2 is situated at the opposite side of the KFC. This point is closed now due to some official purpose otherwise it meets with the Punj Sarki Chowk (پنج سڑکی چوک) of Rawalpindi city.

The KFC Rawalpindi at KFC chowk

Come back to the Murree Road and find the Health ways at your left side, right after the KFC Rawalpindi. Few show rooms of cars are situated here with a big hotel; Lal Qila, Nikon, Warid’s main office and Monilex franchise are also situated on the same road. The attached road with the Monilex will lead you towards CB Girls College.

The warid and monilex rawalpindi

You will find a Christen School at your left while Rawalpindi College of Commerce (cant campus) at its opposite with the the Lasania restaurant, Usmania restaurant and the Red Onion. Left side road goes to the Government Denny’s Higher and Secondary School. Couple of fuel pumps, Hamdard Foundation Office and the Ehsan Hospital are situated here while and newly established Peppercorn Grill hotel is situated on the opposite side.

Mareer Chowk Tunnel:

There are few old railway lines that you could find on your way but these are not in the working condition. These are old British Railway lines by crossing which, you will reach to the historical Mareer Chowk Tunnel. It is another busy point of the Rawalpindi city. So it will take your 10 to 15 minutes to reach from 22 Number Chungi to the Mareer. We hope that you will find this article very helpful, if yes then please visit back to us soon and share this article with your friends.

Video Guide of 22 No. Chungi to Mareer Chowk Tunnel:

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