Guide map of Murree by the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi

Posted on Dec 20 2014 - 1:18pm by visitpak

Guide map of Murree by the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi

In recent time the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi has issued a guide map of Murree and the driving tips for drivers. It truly is a good effort for the tourist who is planning to visit Malk-e-Kohsar Murree in the snow season. This guide map is basically designed for the snowy or winter season but most of the road remained one way even in the summer season.

Murree is a hill station of Punjab province, which supervised and maintained by the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi. It truly is a hard area in the winter or snow season for the new drivers. So it is necessary for all the drivers to get prepared before the travel. It better you get instructions and useful tips for snow driving before you started your journey.

Here are few important instructions which were released by the City Traffic Police Rawalpindi:

1: Speed limit for light traffic vehicles is 50 Km/h and for heavy vehicles it is 60 Km/h at RMK road (from Sunny Bank Chowk to Kuldana Chowk).

2: Single or double parking is allowed nowhere in Murree except the predefined parking places.

3: Fasten your seat belts while driving.

4: Motorcyclists are restricted to enter Murree without wearing helmets.

5: Using cell phone while driving is strictly prohibited.

6: Drive safely while considering warning, mandatory and informative road signs.

7: If you get your vehicles stuck in snow then do not try to drive immediately but use slow acceleration or drive it by using toe chains.

8: Keep toe chain and other tools with you while driving in hilly stations, especially in winter season.

9: Keep suitable distance from the next vehicles, while it is snowing.

10: Use 2X speed formula while driving.

11: Do not over take on blind turns, continuous white line and bridges.

12: Use both of your hands while driving, especially in snowfall season.

13: Use brakes scarcely when you face slip on road.

14: If you vehicle is 2 wheel drive, turn your starring opposite direction to the turn and if the vehicles is 4 wheel drive then try to control steering using both hands.

Following Roads are one-way

1: Bank Road (GPO Chowk to Kashmir Point)

2: Hall Road (Lalazar Turn to Kashmir Point)

3: View Forth Road (View Forth Turn to GPO Chowk)

4: Kuldana Road (GPO Chowk to Kuldana Chowk)

5: Dilkusha Road (GPO Chowk to Kuldana Chowk)

6: Cecil Road (Imtiaz Shaheed Road to Cart Road near Lari Adda, through Cecil apartments)

7: Pindi Point (You can move clockwise)