Guide and introduction of the Harley Street Rawalpindi Pakistan

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 8:00am by visitpak

We are going to explore the Harley Street today but this does not belong to the London but a big city or Rawalpindi Pakistan. It is one of the British remaining in Rawalpindi. In London that street belongs and known for the medicine’s world but it is not like that in this city. You can find only a couple of hospitals “Harley Hospital” and Mubarik Clinical Laboratory at this place.

Harley Street is a well known place in Rawalpindi which is situated at the back side of Combined Military Hospital the CMH Rawalpindi and very next to Bakra Mandi (بکرامنڈی) or Kalma Chowk (کلمہ چوک). There is an old graveyard of British era, near to it, which is known as the “Gora Qabristan” (گورا قبرستان).

In Rawalpindi Harley Street is famous for the educational institutes, schools and colleges. They are in huge numbers and almost all famous schools are present on it. We have Asif Public school, Rainbow Public School, Roots Schools and the Global Sciences College in Harley Street Rawalpindi.

Besides to it few offices of Fouji Fertilizers are also established on this road. This place is a residential area but one corner of it is performing commercial activities. There is a Mosque (Masjid – مسجد), shops and a playing park for kids.

Although it is a well established area which is operated by the Chaklala (چکلالہ) Cantonment Board but the condition of above said park is not very appreciable, it requires allot of attention and proper work by the authorities. This park is a turf area where children seem to play at evening but it collects allot of water in raining season.

Harley Street is divided in different streets and you can still find few plots for sale it is an old residential area of the Rawalpindi city which is turning into an educational site. Big bungalows and houses are turning into educational institutes.