GPO Chowk Murree and How to enter or exit from the GPO Chowk Murree

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GPO Chowk Murree is the most famous and must visiting place of the city. Murree Road that starts from the TM Chowk Murree ends at the GPO Chowk (چوک). It means that main Murree Road of the Rawalpindi could lead you towards this point. It is a key point of the city, due to its importance and location; it is the busiest point in Murree.

In this Chowk we have the General Post Office of Pakistan. It is a building of the British era who gave it this status and still it is used for the same purposes. It is a major part of the city that’s why you could witness the hotels and motels around that building. The National Bank of Pakistan also has its branch right behind the GPO Murree (مری).

We have commercial surrounding area here and the Mall Road Murree starts from this point towards Marhaba Chowk and Pindi Point. The upper and lower mall road get crowd in the summer season. At the time of summer vacation the rush on this road touches its peak. In this season no vehicle is allowed on the Mall Road Murree and only pedestrian could use this road.

How to approach the GPO Chowk Murree?

If you have the vehicle then you have two main ways to reach here, the Lower Jhika Gali (جھیکا گلی) Road and the Upper Jhika Gali Road. Upper Jhika Gali Road leads you from the Kashmir Point and Hall Road while Lower Jhika Gali leads you from the view fourth. Both these road could be used to enter into GPO Murree.

If you do not have a vehicle then you need to approach this point from the Lower Mall Road or Lari Adda (Bus Stop). By using Cart Road you can reach on the Mall or there are steps to lead your from Lower to Upper Mall. Again these are the commercial area of the city where you find cloths, dry fruits, and gift items and toys etc. shops. The price of those items is little high though as compare with other cities. Local transport also could be found from Jhika Gali to the GPO Chowk.

Exit points from GPO Chowk Murree:

If you want to get out from this point then there are also two main ways, the Bank Road and the Kuldana (کلڈنہ) Road. Through Bank Road, you need to reach at Kashmir Point first and then via Upper or Lower Jhika Gali Road. Kuldana Road leads you from the GPO Murree to the Kuldana Chowk. After reaching Kuldana Chowk you may take right turn for the Express way or Motorway Road. At left side you will find two more roads the top left turn leads you towards the Abbottabad (ایبٹ آباد) via Ayoubia (ایوبیہ) and extreme left turn lead you towards the old Highway Road. This road leads you to the Chattar Park (چھتر پارک), Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore etc.

Attractions of the GPO Chowk Murree:

  • Sign / logo of Allah (اللہ)
  • GPO Building
  • Pizza Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Mall Road
  • Parking place
  • Clean environment
  • Ice-cream parlours
  • Tuck Shops

Watch a short video of the GPO Chowk Murree:

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