Golra Railway Station Museum Islamabad with latest photos

Posted on Jun 28 2014 - 8:32am by visitpak

Golra Railway Station Museum Islamabad

Life is a journey, a journey that is the beginning of another journey. To complete this never ending journey men are trying to develop fastest tracks from many centuries. In this journey the Railway department is the co-passenger of human from last 300 years.

The Railway line or track was laid on the souls of Pakistan in the year 1861. It was laid from Peshawar to Karachi by the British for defence purposes to facilitate their Army. It became a big source to move the cargo and passengers later on.

To facilitate the passenger and give them unique landscape views, Pakistan Railways started a Safari Train from Rawalpindi Station to the Golra Railway Station. It was a typical steam engine train, which reminds us the glory of past.

Pakistan Railways has a historical past so it was needed to let the youngsters know about it. For this purpose the official decided to make a Pakistan Railways Museum, Golra Railway Station was selected for this purpose due to its lovely location. It truly is a Railway heritage and a Best place for visitor to get information about the past of Pakistan Railways.

Golra Railway Station Museum was established in the year 2003 and opened very soon for the general public and students of all standards. Reserves of the year 1888, 1890 and 1900 are available here to watch.

A historical watch of 1860 made by the British Railway is also there and it was repaired once in the year 1901, is still giving the accurate timings. Crockery of British Raj and passengers are also very attractive item in this museum. Different products run by the kerosene oil are also very unique. A phone which belongs to the year 1904 is present there with the different models of old and new Rail engines. Few other items of British Railway are also preserved at the outside of this Golra Station Museum.

Golra Railway Station was established in the year 1882 but most of its equipments are still in use, for exam a water tank of 150 years old along the water hand pump and weight gage etc. This station is situated on a lovely location which welcomes its visitors all the times.