Get info about Famous and must visiting places of Karachi Pakistan

Posted on Oct 28 2013 - 1:55pm by visitpak

1. Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum:

Located in the centre of the Karachi, the awe aspiring building is an architectural wonder visited by numerous karachites and tourists every day.

2. Seaside:

Sea view, Hawks bay, Paradise Point, Cape Mount beautiful pristine waters, it’s a delight in every season, specially the corniche of sorts that presents a wonderful sight with water splashing and seagulls diving.

3. Divers Reef Karachi:

One of the latest attractions of Karachi located near the coast line village of Mubarak (Churna Island). It gives the taste of International experience of scuba diving and sea bed walking amongst colourful exotic fish and under water fauna.

4. Manora Beach:

It is a small peninsula (2.5 km’) located just south of the Port of Karachi. Manora is connected to the mainland by a 12 kilometer long causeway called the Sands pit. Manora and neighboring islands form a protective barrier between Karachi harbor and the Arabian Sea to the south. The western bay of the harbor contains endangered mangrove forests which border the Sands pit and Manora island. To the east are Karachi Bay and the beach towns of Kiamari and Clifton.

5. Arena:

Facilities like Bowling Alley, virtual Bowling, Miniature Golf, Pool Tables, Arcade Games, Kiddie rides, Ice Rink, Virtual Reality Simulator. Paint Ball, Rock Climbing etc. The best feature is the ice skating rink that’s the one and only in Pakistan. It is also home to one of the best restaurants in Karachi RANGOLI.

6. Corniche Eatries:

As the sun sets the shoreline becomes luminous with beautifully structured eatries .Eating at Do Darya in any one of the restaurants is a unique experience on its own, with fragrant sea breeze and sweet sound of waves accompanying sumptuous meals. Kolachi – Spirit of Karachi is one of the latest sensations

7. Museums:

PAF and Maritime museums are not to be missed when visiting Karachi. PAF museum is a tribute to our brave air force with many related relics. Maritime museum is also worthwhile with an added fun activity of peddle boating.

8. Port Grand:

A lavish and huge food street cum entertaining place for all ages looking over KPT. Kids activities, concert arena, shopping arcade all under 1 roof.

9. Mohatta Palace:

The Mohatta Palace was built by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, an ambitious self-made businessman from Marwar as his summer home in 1927. The architect of the palace was Agha Ahmed Hussain. However, Mohatta could enjoy this building for only about two decades before independence of Pakistan and he left Karachi for India. The Palace is built in the tradition of stone palaces in Rajasthan, using pink Jodhpur stone in combination with the local yellow stone from Gizri. The amalgam gives the palace a distinctive presence in an elegant neighbourhood, characterised by Mughal architecture.

10. Masjid e Tooba:

Masjid e Tooba or Tooba Mosque is locally known as the Gol Masjid. Masjid e Tooba was built in 1969 in Defence Housing Society Karachi, Karachi. It is just off main Korangi Road. Masjid e Tooba is often claimed to be the largest single-dome mosque in the world. It is also major tourist attraction in Karachi. Masjid e Tooba is built with pure white marble. The dome is balanced on a low surrounding wall with no central pillars. Masjid e Tooba has a single minaret standing 70 meters high. The mosque is the 18th largest in the world with the central prayer hall having a capacity of 5,000 people. Lt was built keeping acoustics in mind. A person speaking inside one end of the dome can be heard at the other end. This mosque was designed by Pakistani architect Dr Babar Hamid Chauhan and the engineer was Zaheer Haider Naqvi.

11. Chaukhandi:

The Chaukhandi tomb forms an early Islamic cemetery situated 29 km east of Karachi, close to the N-5 National Highway near Landhi Town. The tombs are remarkable for their elaborate and exquisite sandstone carvings. Generally, the tombs are attributed to the Jokhio (also spelt Jokhiya) and known as the family graveyard of the Jokhio tribe (including a modern cupola tomb of a Jokhio leader, dated 2008), although other, mainly Baluch, tribes have also been buried over there. They were mainly built during Mughal rule sometime in the 15th and 18th centuries when Islam became dominant.

12. Merewether Clock Tower:

Merewether Clock Tower was raised by public subscription as a memorial for Sir William L. Merewether. Major General Sir William Lockyer Merewether (1825-1880) was a British General who served in a number of places including India and Abyssinia. He was the Commissioner in Sind from 1867 to 1877. He was one of the founding members of Sind Club as well as its first president. There is also a ship pier named after him in Karachi Harbor. The Tower stands on a base of 44 feet square and rises to a height of 102 feet. Strachan designed the tower in the Gothic Revival style popular in Victorian England, to evoke the architecture of Medieval England (11th to 15th century A.D.). The structure is built in buff colored Gizri stone and shows a heightened sensitivity to detailing and emphasis on carving and decoration.

13. Karachi Safari Park:

It was opened in 1970, is a public funded ‘family-only’ safari park covering an area of 407 acres. located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, and Sindh, Pakistan. It has a zoo, geared with viewing facilities like chairlifts and safari tracks, as well as two natural lakes. The park also features a private funded amusement park, Go Aish, in its vicinity.

14. Go Aish Adventure Park:

Dare to be there. A real Adventure park in the heart of Safari Park. It gives a taste of extreme sports in safe environment. its various sports include Rope Course, a Paintball arena, Wall climbing, an ATV track, Big Swing, Go Kart & Flying Fox.