Freedom movement, brief resumes from 1857 to 1947

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Partition of Pakistan

1857 war of Independence:

In order to oust the British from India, the Indian people fought the war of independence but lost.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817 to 1898):

Efforts were made to make the Muslims socially and educationally strong.

Partition of Bengal 1905:

The British portioned Bengal into east and west Bengal to improve the administration.

The Simla Deputation 1906:

A deputation comprising of some Muslim leaders met the viceroy at Simla in order to get some rights of the Muslims.

The Foundation of the Muslim League 1906:

The foundation of the first Muslim political party in India was laid.

The Lacknow pact 1916:

A constitutional agreement between the Muslims and the Hindus to chalk out a joint struggle in India.

The Khilafat Movement 1919:

The Muslims of the sub-continent launched a movement to safeguard the Holy places from the British during the First World War.

The Simon commission, November 1927:

For the grant of constitutional reforms in the sub-continent a deputation under the leadership of Sir John Simon visited India.

The Nehru report, 1928:

Pandit Moti Lal Nehru presented certain constitutional proposals in which he ignored the rights of the Muslims.

Fourteen points of the Quaid-e-Azam, 1929:

In relation to the Nehru report, the Quaid-e-Azam presented some proposal on behalf of the Muslims.

The Allahabad address, 1930:

Allama Iqbal, during a meeting of All India Muslim League, presented the idea of the grant autonomy in the Muslim majority areas.

The Ministries of the Indian National Congress 1937:

The Indian National Congress formed the Government in various provinces, after the general elections, which made the life of the Muslims miserable.

The Pakistan Resolution, 1940:

The demand for separating the Muslims majority provinces was presented in the annual meeting of the All India Muslim League at the Minto Park, Lahore.

The Crips proposals:

During the 2nd world war British Government deputed a mission under the leadership of Sir Stifford Crips. In order to diffuse political tension he proposed the transfer of power to various stated after ten years.

The Election of 1945-46:

During these elections the Muslims League won with overwhelming majority and proved that the Muslims Leagues alone was the exclusive political party of the Muslims.

The Plan of 3rd June 1947:

The British Government proclaimed that India would gain independence by June, 1948.

The Creation of Pakistan on 14th August, 1947:

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah took oath as the Governor General of Pakistan.

1947 partitions of Pakistan

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