Famous places from Swan Camp Rawalpindi to Kacheri Chowk Rawalpindi

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Let us take you to some important areas of Rawalpindi city. Today we will guide you from Swan Camp (سواں کیمپ) Rawalpindi to the Kacheri Chowk (کچہری چوک) with the surrounding and important areas. This city is an important one in Pakistan with deep history. Geographically it is situated on an important plateau, which differ it from other big cities of Pakistan.

Swan Camp:

As you enter into the city from the Lahore to Peshawar Grand Trunk Road (GT Road), you find the Swan Camp at first along the High Court of Rawalpindi. Swan Camp was a beautiful area in the past times due to its river, Swan River still exists but the water is no more pure and got the smell due to the addition of sewerage and drains. Swan Camp is the border of Rawalpindi city and you could find two main transport terminals over there, the first one is Punjab Ways and the other one is Humrahi Travels (ہمراہی ٹریولز).

This place is also known as the Swan Adda Rawalpindi. Vans and coasters for all Punjab could be easily found here in Swan Adda Rawalpindi. Without any doubt it is a big transport terminal which facilitates hundreds and thousands of passengers per day. This point is attached with the whole city through the local transports, so that you could find the exact transport for your final destination. This Swan Adda Rawalpindi exists besides the Swan Bridge which connects the Rawalpindi city with Grand Trunk Road (GT Road).

High Court Rawalpindi:

The High Court Rawalpindi exists on the opposite side of Swan Adda or terminal. It is a busy place of the city and the Chowk in front of it is known as the High Court Chowk and Road.

Defence Chowk:

Defence Chowk and the Defence Park is our next destination, after entering the city. It is a roundabout basically to connect the DHA housing scheme with the main road. There is a small park in this Defence roundabout there is a small park which is named as the Defence Park.

Fauji Foundation Hospital:

On the left side of Defence Chowk, you could see the main and entrance gate of the Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi. It is a foundation which is dedicated to the retired persons of the armed forces and their families. There is also a nursing teaching institute in it. It covers a big area of the city with all medical and latest equipment for the patients.

DHA Phase 1 and 2:

Right after the Fauji Foundation Hospital, there is the entrance point to the DHA Phase 1 and 2. This area of DHA Phase 1 and 2 belong to the capital city Islamabad but its entrance point is in Rawalpindi. It is large housing and commercial area of Islamabad.

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital:

It is one of the biggest eye hospitals in the country with free medical facilities. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital is situated right opposite to the DHA entrance on the right side. Thousands of patients come here on daily basis; there is also a petrol pump of Al-Shifa Trust besides the hospital.

Play land Nursery:

You could witness the play land nursery besides the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. All kinds of plants and nurseries are available. A large number of plants are displayed here to select and buy. A large number of indoors and outdoors plants are available on reasonable prices. It is heaven place for the plants lovers so do not miss to visit this play land nursery.

Play Land:

It is specific place for the children and families as the name suggests. Play Land is place which is most desirable for children due to its attractions and installations. Allot of things are available there to attract the children as well as youth. Few water sports are also present in Play Land Rawalpindi.

Royal Palace:

Royal Palace comes next in our journey towards Kacheri Chowk of the city. It has few big halls for the ceremonies and events. Quality eatable has been served to its visitors. Royal Palace is a famous place for weddings etc. It is situated on the service road with a large parking place at the front. It also has a good security and alarming systems in it. The environment of Royal Palace Rawalpindi is also neat and clean.

Morgah (مورگاہ):

After crossing the Police picket you will find a traffic informative signboard, indicating the Morgah Road. It is another famous place of the city. A big refinery of Attock Oil Company is situated in the Morgah. Recently the office of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi (BISE RWP) has been shifted into the Educational Complex of Morgah. All offices and branches of BISE RWP have been transferred to this new place. Before, they were situated on the 6th and 7th road of Satellite Town.

Ayub National Park Rawalpindi:

Topi Rakh Park is the 2nd name of Ayub (ایوب) National Park which is situated on the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road). After passing the new Lalazar Road, you will see an iron pedestrian bridge. This bridge leads you to this park. It is an historical park which roots started before the separation of Indo-Pak. It covers a large area, most of the area is developed but few area of this Ayub National Park Rawalpindi is still undeveloped. It is large park of 2,300 acres with allot of attractions for families and children.

Jungle Kingdom is its key attraction point which includes the wild animals and birds etc. Snake house is the 2nd most visiting place of this park, different kinds of snakes and reptiles are available here to watch and play. Few restaurants, burger shops and tuck shops are available in it. Ayub National Park is a common and popular place for the citizens.

Topi Rakh auditorium (ٹوپی رکھ):

It is hall and restaurant which is situated in the Ayub National Park but has its own entrance point from the main road. It is a famous wedding hall just like the Royal Palace. Topi Rakh was built in the year 2007 with a large parking place at its front.

Rawalpindi Golf Club:

Rawalpindi Golf Club is next to the Topi Rakh wedding hall. As its name says the all, it is the Rawalpindi Golf Club with attractive Golf courses. It is a lush green area of the city with all modern facilities. Instructors and coaches are also present here to teach you the Golf.

Kacheri Chowk (کچہری چوک ):

After passing a bridge on this road after the Golf Club, you will see the Kacheri Chowk in front of you. It is 2nd busiest point of the Rawalpindi after the Mareerh Chowk. District, civil and session courts are situated here. It is two bus stops Kacheri stop 1 and 2.

The distance between the Swan Camp Rawalpindi to Kacheri Chowk is not more than 15 minutes but include many famous places to visit and explore. All the above areas and places are situated on the Grand Trunk or GT Road.

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