Famous museums of Pakistan with their specialization and other info

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Museums of Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Residence and Library:

  • Lahore
  • Specializes in history

Agricultural Museum Lyallpur:

  • Founded 1909, Renowned for its botanical work.

Air Force Museum:

  • Peshawar
  • Founded 1964, mementoes and souvenirs, including vintage planes of what is arguably one of the world’s greatest combat air forces.

Archaeological Museum:

  • University of Karachi
  • Founded 1956, notes for its archaeological work.

Archaeological Museum:

  • Peshawar University
  • Founded 1966, famous regarding its archaeological work and art exhibits.

Archaeological Museum Banbhore:

  • Founded 1960, famous regarding its exhibits of pre-Christian times and other archaeological work.

Archaeological Museum Harappa:

  • Founded 1926, famous regarding its exhibits excavated from the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro’s twin city.

Archaeological Museum Mohenjo-Daro:

  • Founded 1925, notes for its exhibits from one of the earliest and greatest cradles of civilization.

Armed Forces Museum Islamabad:

  • It exhibits reflecting the heritage and contemporary image of country’s armed forces.

Armoury Museum Lahore:

  • Old fort, founded 1928, famous regarding its exhibits of firearms and weapons through the ages.

Army Museum Rawalpindi:

  • Founded 1961, relics and mementoes of two centuries of military history, from the East India Company’s first army to the present day Pakistan Army.
  • It includes Sir Claude Auchinleck’s uniforms and the first Victoria Cross ever to be won by an Asian soldier.

Bhawalpur Museum:

  • Founded 1974, notes for its exhibits relating to regional art, history and ethnology.

Bahawalpur State Museum:

  • Founded 1948, famous regarding its exhibits of archaeology, natural history and applied art.

Bhitshah Cultural Museum:

  • Founded 1962, specializes in arts and crafts.

Botanical Museum Rawalpindi:

  • Famous regarding its botanical work

Dir Museum Chakdara:

  • Founded 1970, specializes in regional archaeology and ethnology.

Faqir Khana Museum Lahore:

  • Founded 1937, famous regarding its work in the arts, apply arts and crafts and history.

Folk Art Museum Islamabad:

  • Founded 1973

Geological Museum Quetta:

  • Specializes in regional geology.

Hyderabad Museum:

  • Founded 1974, specializes in art, crafts, archaeology and anthropology.

Industrial and Commercial Museum Lahore:

  • Founded 1950, specializes in industrial and commercial research.

Islamia College Museum Peshawar:

  • Founded 1934, specializes in zoology.

Lahore Museum:

  • Founded 1864, outstanding exhibits in archaeology, history, fine art, applied arts crafts and ethnology.

Mangla Dam Museum:

  • Founded 1967, specializes in natural history, geography and archaeology.

Natural history Museum Lahore:

  • Government College
  • Founded 1910, famous regarding its natural history work.

National Museum of Pakistan Karachi:

  • Founded 1950, famous regarding its archaeological and ethnological exhibits.

National Museum of Pakistan Islamabad:

  • Famous regarding artistic, historical and ethnological exhibits.

Pakistan Forest Museum Abbottabad:

  • Founded 1952, specializes in forestry, arboreal research and timber products.

Peshawar Museum:

  • Founded 1907, outstanding exhibits in archaeology, art, applied arts and ethnology.

Quaid-e-Azam Museum Karachi:

  • Jinnah’s birthplace and now a museum and library dedicated to the memory of Pakistan’s founding father.

Science and Technology Museum:

  • Engineering University Lahore
  • Founded 1969, specializes in engineering and technology.

Shakir Ali’s Lahore Residence:

  • Founded 1975, art gallery and history.

Sikh and Mughal Galleries:

  • Old Fort, Lahore
  • Founded 1964, specializes in art and history.

Sindh University Educational Museum:

  • Hyderabad
  • Founded 1959, specializes in education (arts and crafts).

Swat Museum Saidu Sharif:

  • Founded 1959, famous regarding its outstanding Buddhist relics and artefacts from the Golden Age of Swat Valley and its ethnological exhibits.

Talpur House Museum:

  • Hyderabad

Taxila Museum:

  • Founded 1918, famous regarding its priceless treasure from one of the greatest Buddhist cultures ever known to have existed.

Umar Kot Museum:

  • Founded 1968, specializes in regional history.

Pakistan Monument Museum:

  • Shakar Parian Islamabad

Heritage Museum:

  • Islamabad

Sher Shah Suri Museum:

  • Rohtas Fort in Jhelum

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